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Credit card data leak at DSS comes to light

24 November 2017 in Security

Outsourcing data storage has come back to bite the Department of Social Services, with the personal details of 8500 current…

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24 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

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Optus puts $3.5m into Cyber Security Co-operative Research Centre

23 November 2017 in Security

Optus Business is investing $3.5 million in the newly launched industry-led Cyber Security Co-operative Research Centre.

Uber contributing to growth of cyber crime: claim

23 November 2017 in Security

Security companies have reacted to the Uber hack that revealed the details of 57 million users with a mixture of…

Bitcoin mining consumes more energy than 159 countries

23 November 2017 in Energy

Bitcoin mining around the world consumes 29.05TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity annually as of 20 November, according to a website…

Australia third in mobile penetration in OECD: report

23 November 2017 in Development

Australia has the third highest rate of mobile penetration among OECD countries, behind Japan and Finland, according to a report…

IT sector exec demand slows as economy dips: EL Consult

22 November 2017 in Recruitment

There are signs Australia’s “booming economy" might be hitting a flat spot, according to recruitment firm EL Consult, which says…

Macquarie $18m bid to mop up remaining shares in Bulletproof

22 November 2017 in Business Telecommunications

The Macquarie Telecom Group has launched an $18 million bid to buy outright the cloud services business Bulletproof which would…

Heads roll after leak of 57m Uber user details reported

22 November 2017 in Security

Ride-sharing company Uber has sacked its chief security officer Joe Sullivan and one of his deputies after it was found…

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An evaluation of 3351 individual broadband plans in 196 countries has found that Iran offers the cheapest plan, with an…

NBN - it's not all bad news (part 2)

24 November 2017 in Core Dump

Things started well, then I ran into a snag. But it wasn't what you're probably thinking.

ARENA builds case for second interconnector for Bass Strait between Tassie and mainland

24 November 2017 in Development

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and TasNetworks will explore a more detailed feasibility and business case for a second…

Moscow accuses Google of violating freedom of speech

24 November 2017 in Technology Regulation

Google has announced plans to block articles from Russian website Sputnik and the Russian television channel RT from appearing in…

Change in UK broadband ads to avoid speed confusion

24 November 2017 in Business Telecommunications

As Australians struggle to understand why they often get much slower broadband speeds than advertised, the UK has taken a…

FCC chair to push for complete repeal of net neutrality

24 November 2017 in Government Tech Policy

US Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has unveiled a plan to push for the complete repeal of the net…

VIDEO Interview: Pycom's top execs talk IoT tech, hackathons and plenty more on A/NZ tour

24 November 2017 in Internet of Things

Named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" earlier this year, Pycom is disrupting the IoT industry, helping users deploy "great-value, enterprise-grade connected…

Google forced to act on shonky ticket resellers

23 November 2017 in Technology Regulation

Pressure from consumer groups has forced Google to crack down on ticket resellers from the beginning of the new year.

Netflix achieves YouGov's top BrandIndex ranking with strongest customer advocacy

23 November 2017 in Home Tech

The "YouGov BrandIndex" has announced its 2017 Brand Advocacy Rankings in Australia, showing Netflix’s customers are the strongest advocates of…

Australian, NZ local governments face barriers to digitisation: report

23 November 2017 in Strategy

Limited budgets and organisational culture is hindering digital transformation by the public sector in both Australia and New Zealand, with…

WhiteHawk launches IPO ahead of ASX debut

23 November 2017 in Strategy

Online cyber security advisory firm WhiteHawk has opened an initial public offering to raise $4 million as it ramps up…

EU to end unjustified geoblocking by end of next year

23 November 2017 in Technology Regulation

The European Union has told online sales outfits that operate within its jurisdiction that they will have to stop redirecting…

Telstra, CommBank targeted by email scammers

23 November 2017 in Security

Two major Australian brands, Telstra and Commonwealth Bank, have been targeted by scammers in a bid to dupe users into…

Amazon soft launch likely today; electronics retailers may take hit

23 November 2017 in Strategy

An email sent by Amazon third-party sellers indicates that the US retailing giant will begin selling on its Australian store…

Report: Over 1.5 billion smartphones to be shipped in 2018

23 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

With global shipments set to grow 5% by 2017 end and then nearly another 5% in 2018, ever better technologies…

Apple pips Samsung at post with both dominating UK in Q3 2017

23 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

With 34.4% UK market share to Apple and 34% to Samsung, Huawei, Alcatel and Moto join them to account for…

Internet dating attracts Aussies but Tinder, Bumble have respectability problem

23 November 2017 in Apps

A third (35%) of Aussies have used Internet and online dating apps, with the number using the apps rising to…

Telstra CTO releases top 5 technology trends for enterprises in 2018

23 November 2017 in Enterprise Solutions

Cyber security, real-time analytics, containers and microservices, digital team collaboration and a digital twin are the trends, so how does…

Superfast Altnets Begin to Find Their Niche

Superfast Altnets Begin to Find Their Niche

Point Topic research highlights a growing role for alternative networks in superfast UK

As BT and Virgin Media start to build scale in premises passed and customers sign to their superfast broadband services, some of the UK's alternative network operators are beginning to find their niche. Although not all altnets will be successful, there are circumstances in which their varied and localised approaches look set to bring superfast broadband to individual communities that have often been struggling with access to even the most basic of broadband services.

According to leading analyst firm, Point Topic, the country's alternative network operators have increased their residential customer base by 85% since mid-2011, and had around 8,400 fibre-based superfast end user connections at the end of 2011. These include fibre-to-the-cabinet, fibre-to-the-premises and fibre-to-the-building providers whose customers are receiving download speeds of at least 25Mbps.

'This connections number is small fry compared with the big network owners BT and Virgin Media, but it is highly significant for the communities being reached, some of which would otherwise run the risk of being left without superfast broadband, at least for some years to come,' says Annelise Berendt, Senior Analyst at Point Topic. 'There is evidence, including from BT, that take up of superfast services is highest in those areas previously experiencing poor speeds of 2Mbps or below, and this bodes well for those addressing such markets and aiming to make the business case stake up.'

Point Topic's regular survey of alternative superfast infrastructure projects shows that some of those working closely with specific communities are seeing results, both in terms of getting infrastructure in the ground and in getting customers onto their networks.

'Players such as Call Flow Solutions and Rutland Telecom using sub loop unbundling to provide fibre-to-the-cabinet solutions are building solid customer bases in the areas in which they are active. That is in small but not necessarily very remote communities, which tend to be located some distance from their serving BT exchange, and which are often prepared to put money into network rollout themselves.

'Local knowledge of potential demand and the geographical terrain, as well as being able to tap into local enthusiasm for broadband provision, are essential to getting these networks up and running. Indeed it is no surprise that several local authorities are recruiting 'broadband champions' to canvas support and demand registration for their Local Broadband Plans, and to feed back ideas from the ground up. It is also notable that new approaches to raising finance and negotiations with local land owners on wayleaves help to turn a desired deployment into a viable business venture.'

Initiatives to make the growing number of scattered alternative networks more readily available to the country's internet service providers and especially the larger more well known brands will become increasingly valid as the numbers of these networks rise.

'Fluidata's wholesale platform and the Quality Marque being developed by INCA, the Independent Networks Cooperative Association, are good examples of projects that could make a real difference to the ability of these altnets to flourish over the longer term.'

Point Topic's research also highlights the innovative use of alternative backhaul networks. FibreSpeed in Wales and NYnet in North Yorkshire are each being used by internet service providers to bring their offerings to more remote communities. Players such as AB Internet and Netserve in Wales through the 'FibreSpeed spreads its wings' initiative, and Moorsweb and LN Communications through the Connecting North Yorkshire project are using wireless technologies to provide broadband.

'While not as high speed as fibre networks, improvements in wireless broadband capabilities are resulting in some premises receiving superfast speeds. And of course such offerings would not be possible were it not for access to affordable backhaul provision,' concludes Berendt.

Point Topic's superfast broadband survey carried out bi-annually, tracks the progress of the country's fibre-based infrastructure providers. In addition to the alternative network operators ranging from those specialising in rural and remote communities to those targeting the fibre-to-the-building market in UK towns and cities, it lists projects by BT and Virgin Media, and plots the progress being made by local authorities looking to access public funds in the Government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) process.


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