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FinFisher spyware variant returns with a vengeance

22 September 2017 in Security

A variant of the FinFisher spyware is being spread in seven countries through legitimate applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Avast, WinRAR…

If Russia hacked US, evidence is in NSA database: claim

22 September 2017 in Security

Two former senior US intelligence officials claim that evidence, if any, of Russian interference in the US elections last year…

SYDNEY LAUNCH VIDEOS: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus lines shorter than last year as X to mark spot in November

22 September 2017 in Mobility

As expected, the lines for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in Sydney were clearly shorter this year than for…

SEC breached, insider trading possible, agency says

22 September 2017 in Security

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that its electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval (EDGAR) test filing system…

Should OEMs continue working with Google in light of HTC deal?

21 September 2017 in Deals

Android fragmentation and Google’s “increasingly mute voice” are reasons why the latter company needs to “raise the stakes and engage…

ICANN to update DNS security, ISPs must follow or risk outage

21 September 2017 in Networking

For the first time ever, ICANN is changing the cryptographic keys that secure DNS. ISPs must ensure their software is…

Telstra inks $90 million McDonald’s deal

21 September 2017 in Deals

Telstra has landed a $90 million network transformation deal to upgrade more than 850 McDonald’s restaurants around the country to…

Executive demand continues to rise in IT sector: survey

21 September 2017 in Recruitment

The Information and Communications Technology sector has delivered a second consecutive monthly rise in demand for executives in August, with…

Equifax systems were breached in March: report

21 September 2017 in Security

The systems of American credit information provider Equifax were breached back in March, according to a confidential note sent by…

CCleaner malware targeted big tech companies: claim

21 September 2017 in Security

The malware that attackers sought to spread through infecting the popular CCleaner utility appears to have been targeting high-profile tech…

McAfee attempting to capitalise on Kaspersky ban

21 September 2017 in Open Sauce

American security vendor McAfee appears to be trying to capitalise on the ban imposed by the US on Kaspersky Lab,…

Olympus benefits big-time from BMC's Remedyforce

20 September 2017 in Business Software

Olympus Australia has dramatically improved the responsiveness of its IT operations by adopting BMC Remedyforce ITSM system.

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Transport for London removes Uber’s license, Uber to appeal

22 September 2017 in Development

Uber’s blooper of not being “fit and proper” in Transport for London’s eyes has resulted in the body deciding not…

Xbox One X pre-orders now, arrives 7 November, ‘world’s most powerful console’

22 September 2017 in Entertainment

Microsoft Xbox fans are now able to order what is dubbed “the world’s most powerful console”, with “40% more power”…

VIDEO Ultimate educational STEM tool: Magic Microbes and MudWatt

22 September 2017 in Home Tech

MudWatt, the award-winning kit that “engages kids in STEM in a whole new way” with has arrived from iWorld Australia,…

VIDEO Interview: Apple Watch Series 3 LTE demo at Telstra, now on sale!

22 September 2017 in Mobility

The LTE e-SIM in the Apple Watch 3 is up and running, and I received a demo at the Telstra…

Olympus deploys BMC for IT services delivery

22 September 2017 in Deals

Professional opto digital products company Olympus Australia has chosen BMC’s Remedyforce software solution to transform the delivery of the company’s…

BitDefender internal audit finds AWS API keys may have leaked

22 September 2017 in Security

Romanian security company BitDefender appears to have detected the possibility of an exposure of Amazon API Keys judging by an…

Aussies caught out lying on CVs: survey

22 September 2017 in Recruitment

Australian jobseekers have been caught lying on their CVs when applying for a job, according to a new recruitment survey…

Veritas announces new software-defined cloud storage solution

22 September 2017 in Storage & Cloud Storage

Data management company Veritas has announced a new software-defined cloud storage solution hat it claims will help customers handle "massive…

Australians charged up for a battery future: surveys

22 September 2017 in Energy

Most Australians expect batteries which store renewable electricity to help them overcome the rising cost of their power bills in…

Red Hat broadens patent pledge to most open-source software

22 September 2017 in Open Source

Red Hat, the world's biggest open source company, has expanded its commitment on patents, which had originally been not to…

CCleaner malware: Avast admits it was wrong on payload

22 September 2017 in Security

Czech cyber security company Avast has substantiated the findings by Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group that malware hidden in CCleaner, a…

NSA forced to back down in fight over encryption algorithms

22 September 2017 in Technology Regulation

Cryptography experts from a number of countries have forced the US National Security Agency to reverse its stance on two…

Galaxy Studio to feature Galaxy Note8 in Fed Square for six weeks, Note8 media launch wrap

21 September 2017 in Mobility

Melbourne’s Federation Square will be host to the Samsung Galaxy Studio experience, which for six weeks will showcase Samsung’s Note8…

Lack of cloud expertise costs enterprises $226.84m in lost revenue: study

21 September 2017 in Cloud

A lack of cloud expertise and skills in delivering cloud services could be costing Australia’s large enterprises $226.84 millon in…

Macquarie Telecom deploys SD-WAN for United Way

21 September 2017 in Deals

Macquarie Telecom has deployed its SD-WAN service to Australian not-for-profit United Way, with the upgrade enabling United Way to consider…

Okta increases focus on customer and developer engagement

21 September 2017 in Enterprise Solutions

Cloud-based identity-as-a-service provider Okta says it has renewed its focus on solving cloud migration impediments and beefed up its offering…

SMBs share in $8.75 million in government grants

21 September 2017 in Government Tech Policy

Government grants totalling $8.75 million will be shared by nine small- to medium-sized businesses to help them develop and test…

Google tries hand at buying another phone company: HTC

21 September 2017 in Deals

Ok, ok, so it’s a US$1.1 billion “co-operation agreement”, with Google getting some HTC staff and a non-exclusive licence for…

Collaborative BI impacts Mobile Business Intelligence

The consumerization of BI, and enterprise computing technologies at large, has led to a surge in conversation around the promise of Collaborative BI. Now, the same principles are being applied, and discussed in relation to, the development of applications for the mobile distribution of reporting and analytics.

'I want it all, and I want it now!'

The famous line from the song I Want It All from English rock band Queen's twelfth studio album - The Miracle - encapsulates the current mentality towards Business Intelligence (BI).  Gartner's James Richardson agrees.

"One of the common characteristics of consumerized technologies is better ease-of-use and immediacy," said Richardson.

"BI users want to be able to just pick up and use the technology '” they don't want to have to read the manual.  This places a high degree of importance on the human/computer interaction aspects of BI product and deployment design.'

The consumerization of BI, and enterprise computing technologies at large, has led to a surge in conversation around the promise of Collaborative BI.  Now, the same principles are being applied, and discussed in relation to, the development of applications for the mobile distribution of reporting and analytics.

Richard suggests in a recent Gartner research report - The Consumerization of BI Drives Greater Adoption - that BI vendors are developing more consumer-oriented products to capitalize on the opportunity that traditionally low BI user-adoption rates represent.

"The fact of the matter is that BI is not pervasive and adoption is not in line with the investment made by most firms,' said Richardson.

"Less than 30 percent of the potential users of organizations' standard BI tools use the technology today.  "This is often because the tools are too difficult to use, slow to respond or deliver content of limited relevance.

"The consumerization of BI technology offers a means for it to break out and reach many more users, by offering faster, more user-friendly and more relevant BI."

Collaborative Business Intelligence

Collaborative BI - the blending of more standard BI capabilities with Web 2.0 features borrowed from popular social media platforms - has dominated BI product development in 2011.

Collaborative BI, a type of collaborative decision-making (CDM) module, harnesses the intuitive functionality of socially oriented technologies, to encourage interaction around reporting and analytics.  The goal is to enable organizations to derive greater value from BI products by significantly expanding its reach within the enterprise.  If Collaborative BI can facilitate widespread (and sustained) user-adoption, AKA 'BI for the masses', then significant financial gains can be made by vendor and customer alike.


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