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Huawei edging closer to Apple in smartphone sales, Samsung losing share

24 May 2017 in Business Telecommunications

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei is rapidly building marketshare in the global smartphone market selling 34 million handsets in the…

Eugene Kaspersky – cyber warrior and non-smartphone user

24 May 2017 in ShawThing

Eugene Kaspersky is one of the few cyber warriors to still run a company that bears his name. Long gone…

Researchers break Galaxy S8 iris recognition system

24 May 2017 in Security

Researchers from the Chaos Computer Club say they have successfully defeated the iris recognition system on the recently released Samsung…

Eugene Kaspersky – I have some good news and some bad news (CeBIT keynote)

24 May 2017 in Security

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the anti-virus/malware/cyber security company of the same name started his keynote speech at CeBIT with the old…

Symantec slammed for linking WannaCry to North Korea

24 May 2017 in Security

A senior technology analyst has slammed security company Symantec for trying to attribute the WannaCry ransomware attack to a group…

WannaCry: Why is Kaspersky talking about XP?

24 May 2017 in Open Sauce

Exactly why Eugene Kaspersky is continuing to talk about Windows XP when discussing the WannaCry outbreak is puzzling when his…

Patton urges NBN Co chief Morrow to 'cut out the spin'

23 May 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow's claim that any upgrades to Australia's national broadband network will be funded by the…

NSW to lead government digital services: Dominello

23 May 2017 in Government Tech Policy

The key to NSW’s 21st century policy design and service delivery is through a focus on data as vital infrastructure,…

Laptop ban due to ISIS' x-ray machine theft: claim

23 May 2017 in Security

The US ban on taking any electronic device larger than a smartphone into the cabin of an airplane was prompted…

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HP uses Cannes for new notebooks and the return of the Wolf.

24 May 2017 in Home Tech

HP used its long-term support of the movie industry to unveil new models of the Spectre x2, the Envy 13…

Australian Game Industry desperate for funding air

24 May 2017 in Radioactive IT

Things move fast in both the tech world and politics. Once the darling of the political land-scape, it seems the…

Microsoft drops number from new Surface Pro range

24 May 2017 in Home Tech

No, it is not the Surface Pro 5 – just the next generation of the Surface Pro. For convenience let’s…

VLC, other players vulnerable to subtitles attack

24 May 2017 in Security

Researchers at the Israeli security firm Check Point say they have discovered a method whereby an attacker can gain entry…

Redflow goes Dutch with European farm deployment

24 May 2017 in Deals

Australian battery specialist Redflow has deployed its zinc-bromide flow batteries in a dairy farm in the Netherlands allowing the farm…

New MariaDB release offers rounded functionality

24 May 2017 in Open Source

MariaDB Corporation, the database company born as a result of forking the well-known open-source MySQL database, has announced the release…

More turn to mobile to watch sport as OVO snares water polo deal

23 May 2017 in Mobility

Content platform provider OVO Mobile has inked a deal with Water Polo Australia to broadcast live and exclusive coverage —…

Xref wins contract for NBN candidate referencing

23 May 2017 in Recruitment

Human resources tech company Xref has won a tender to provide automated, online candidate referencing to NBN Co for the…

ALE gives Samson the strength (interview)

23 May 2017 in Business Telecommunications

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise recently appointed Pierre Samson, formerly of French telco Orange, as vice-president of sales for the Asia-Pacific region.

Foxtel expands its NBN footprint

23 May 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Foxtel has expanded availability of its National Broadband Network services for premises in fibre to the node (FttN) and fibre-to-the-building…

Australian workers believe use of bribery common to win contracts

23 May 2017 in Security

A survey has found that more than a quarter of Australian employees (27%) believe it is common practice in their…

Nextcloud adds Global Scale architecture in version 12

23 May 2017 in Open Source

The open-source file syncing and sharing software NextCloud will include a new architecture for scaling several orders of magnitude beyond…

Telstra, City of Joondalup partner on smart cities trial

23 May 2017 in Internet of Things

Telstra and the City of Joondalup in Western Australia have joined forces in a trial of smart city applications using…

Embrace IoT - do not get lost in the hype

23 May 2017 in Internet of Things

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). As with any technology that attracts mainstream attention,…

What happens when Quantum Dot meets OLED?

23 May 2017 in Entertainment

What happens when Quantum Dot meets OLED? No, it is not the end of the battle of Samsung QD and…

Wikipedia begins campaign for fair use copyright exceptions

23 May 2017 in Strategy

Wikipedia has begun a three-week campaign to push for fair use copyright exceptions in Australia, and will display banners promoting…

Stallman to give talks in Brazil and Argentina

23 May 2017 in Open Source

The founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, will undertake a tour of Brazil and Argentina beginning later this…

CSIRO develops roadmap to drive mining sector growth

23 May 2017 in Strategy

The CSIRO is pushing companies to unlock five key opportunities in its technology roadmap which is meant to underpin growth…

Freeview service now supports Google Chromecast

23 May 2017 in Entertainment

Free digital television service Freeview has introduced a new feature to support Google Chromecast, delivering one-stop free-to-air TV for both…

Why does Telstra stuff people around?

22 May 2017 in Fuzzy Logic

I am helping my aunt and uncle move from one state to another, and in cancelling a Telstra bundle from…

Promapp helps early childhood education

22 May 2017 in Business Software

Promapp’s business process mapping is claimed to be helping the Affinity Education Group to enable each staff member to make…

Nuance updates eCopy Sharescan to v6.0

22 May 2017 in Print Solutions

The new version of eCopy Sharescan includes a simplified Chinese and Japanese user interface, Arabic OCR, and integration with Nuance…

Warning on macular degeneration spread among older Aussies

22 May 2017 in Health

Older Australians in the 50-64 age bracket are not taking sufficient care of their eyes and could end up with…

Software glitch causes delays at Australia, NZ airports

22 May 2017 in Business Software

Airline passengers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane faced check-in delays for about three hours this morning due to a software…

The consumerization of BI, and enterprise computing technologies at large, has led to a surge in conversation around the promise of Collaborative BI. Now, the same principles are being applied, and discussed in relation to, the development of applications for the mobile distribution of reporting and analytics.

'I want it all, and I want it now!'

The famous line from the song I Want It All from English rock band Queen's twelfth studio album - The Miracle - encapsulates the current mentality towards Business Intelligence (BI).  Gartner's James Richardson agrees.

"One of the common characteristics of consumerized technologies is better ease-of-use and immediacy," said Richardson.

"BI users want to be able to just pick up and use the technology '” they don't want to have to read the manual.  This places a high degree of importance on the human/computer interaction aspects of BI product and deployment design.'

The consumerization of BI, and enterprise computing technologies at large, has led to a surge in conversation around the promise of Collaborative BI.  Now, the same principles are being applied, and discussed in relation to, the development of applications for the mobile distribution of reporting and analytics.

Richard suggests in a recent Gartner research report - The Consumerization of BI Drives Greater Adoption - that BI vendors are developing more consumer-oriented products to capitalize on the opportunity that traditionally low BI user-adoption rates represent.

"The fact of the matter is that BI is not pervasive and adoption is not in line with the investment made by most firms,' said Richardson.

"Less than 30 percent of the potential users of organizations' standard BI tools use the technology today.  "This is often because the tools are too difficult to use, slow to respond or deliver content of limited relevance.

"The consumerization of BI technology offers a means for it to break out and reach many more users, by offering faster, more user-friendly and more relevant BI."

Collaborative Business Intelligence

Collaborative BI - the blending of more standard BI capabilities with Web 2.0 features borrowed from popular social media platforms - has dominated BI product development in 2011.

Collaborative BI, a type of collaborative decision-making (CDM) module, harnesses the intuitive functionality of socially oriented technologies, to encourage interaction around reporting and analytics.  The goal is to enable organizations to derive greater value from BI products by significantly expanding its reach within the enterprise.  If Collaborative BI can facilitate widespread (and sustained) user-adoption, AKA 'BI for the masses', then significant financial gains can be made by vendor and customer alike.


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