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Compliance checks on mobile providers over porting scams

03 July 2020 in Security

The Federal Government has warned that the telecommunications regulator ACMA is actively undertaking compliance checks to ensure mobile providers are…

Lookout team finds surveillance tools targeting Uighurs for many years

03 July 2020 in Security

Threat researchers from the San Francisco-based security firm Lookout say they have discovered four Android surveillance tools that have been…

NAB subsidiary Medfin was targeted in cyber attack on 14 June

03 July 2020 in Security

Medfin, a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank that works with healthcare professionals, was hit by an attempted cyber attack…

Two US local government bodies hit by DoppelPaymer, NetWalker

03 July 2020 in Security

Cyber criminals appear to have used two different Windows ransomware packages — DoppelPaymer and NetWalker — to attack the City…

ACS not responding, says Goldsworthy

02 July 2020 in IT Industry

Senior Australian Computer Society member Professor Ashley Goldsworthy has unloaded on new ACS President Dr Ian Oppermann for what he…

New satellite for Optus in 2023

02 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

Optus has contracted with Airbus Defence and Space for a new OneSat software-defined satellite.

Vodafone joins NBN 250 and Ultrafast club

02 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

Vodafone is the latest RSP to give customers the option of NBN Co's recently announced 250Mbps and 500-1000Mbps services.

Trend Micro launches ‘Australia first’ Open Banking automated compliance check

02 July 2020 in Market

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro is claiming an Australia-first launch of its Consumer Data Right (CDR) Open Banking automated compliance check…

TransACT builder says best option for NBN is to remain in government hands

02 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

The best way forward for the national broadband network is for it to remain in government hands and be managed…

Maze group claims LG attack, but researcher says claim may be false

02 July 2020 in Security

Cyber criminals claim to have used the Maze ransomware, that can be used to compromise Windows systems, to infiltrate the…

Apple pushing hard to minimise launch delays for four iPhone 5G models

02 July 2020 in Mobility

iPhone maker Apple is putting the heat on its suppliers to cut down on production delays in completing work on…

Sydney now powered by 100% renewable electricity

01 July 2020 in Energy

The City of Sydney is now powered by 100% renewable electricity, generated from wind and solar farms in regional NSW.

New legislation ‘guarantees’ broadband access for all Australians, says Government

01 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

New legislation has just come into force in Australia, enshrining in law access to broadband services for all Australians regardless…

Man bites dog: new ransomware for Mac appears, transmits in pirated software

01 July 2020 in Security

New ransomware for the Mac — a rarity in an era when Microsoft Windows is overwhelmingly the platform of choice…

CommBank launches first phase of Open Banking regime

01 July 2020 in Market

The Commonwealth Bank has announced the launch of the first phase of Australia's Open Banking regime for sharing consumer data…

Fisher & Paykel attackers release second lot of company documents on dark web

01 July 2020 in Security

Attackers who used the Nefilim ransomware, that works on Windows systems, to attack appliance maker Fisher & Paykel have posted…

Bitdefender identifies state-sponsored cyber criminal enterprise, StrongPity

30 June 2020 in Security

Cyber security researcher and tools provider, Bitdefender, today publicly released its discovery of a sophisticated and dangerous cybercriminal enterprise named…

Nokia wins exclusive Taiwan Mobile 5G deal

30 June 2020 in Business Telecommunications

Nokia has been selected by Taiwan Mobile (TWM) as the sole supplier of its 5G network in a three-year framework…

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Alibaba Cloud, Unilever partner on ‘next generation’ digital marketing initiative

03 July 2020 in Deals

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of China’s Alibaba Group, is partnering with multinational consumer goods company Unilever, in…

Blockchain solar trial a ‘boost’ to peer-to-peer energy trading, says Power Ledger

03 July 2020 in Energy

A blockchain solar energy trading trial that lets households set their own electricity prices has found the technology is technically…

FCC uses flimsy evidence to damn Huawei and ban fund use

03 July 2020 in Open Sauce

More than 17 years have passed since the US invaded Iraq on the flimsiest of pretexts, with lies about this,…

CIBIS and Cessnock Council bring near real-time NSW e-planning portal live for July 1

03 July 2020 in Local Government

Australian software developer, CIBIS, shows the collaboration between Government and private enterprise pays off.

US Senate panel okays child porn bill after tech firms' concerns addressed

03 July 2020 in Government Tech Policy

A bill aimed at ending the spread of material about child sexual abuse material online has been approved by the…

Fusion Broadband expands into Europe

03 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

Australian SD-WAN provider Fusion Broadband opened an office in the UK as the start of its renewed push into the…

Cloud firm chief says new method for awarding Protected cloud contracts much better

03 July 2020 in Cloud

The head of an Australian cloud company says the new arrangement for awarding contracts for hosting of top-secret government data…

Stakeholder buy-in is crucial for integration success, says ANATAS

03 July 2020 in Enterprise Solutions

INTERVIEW PROMOTION * Integration specialist, ANATAS, is a premium partner for SoftwareAG webMethods, with over 30 major Australian integration projects…

openSUSE Leap releases version 15.2 with new AI and ML tools

03 July 2020 in Open Source

Community Linux distribution openSUSE Leap has released version 15.2, which includes a number of artificial intelligence and machine learning packages,…

Trustwave China malware study appears to have had favourable effect

03 July 2020 in Security

Chicago-based security firm Trustwave's findings on a new Windows malware family christened GoldenSpy, that it recently said was being embedded…

Over the Wire takes the complexity out of managing your mobile fleet

02 July 2020 in Mobility

VENDOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Over the Wire has released Mobile Fleet plans, offering businesses an alternative that includes data pooling and self-management…

DDLS partners with CertNexus to offer affordable cyber security training

02 July 2020 in Security

STRATEGIC ALLIANCE ANNOUNCEMENT: DDLS, Australia’s largest provider of corporate IT and process training, today announced a new partnership with CertNexus,…

Review: OPPO Find X2 Pro has top-level specs that are future-proof

02 July 2020 in Mobile devices

OPPO's latest effort in the 5G space — its top-level smartphone that is built on Qualcomm's latest silicon — is…

Aussies WFH understand cyber security but take risks anyway

02 July 2020 in Security

Working at home during lockdown has improved security awareness, but productivity — or convenience — still trumps security for many…

CSIRO team finds lab-grown cells can be used to study respiratory viruses

02 July 2020 in Health

Australia's national science agency, the CSIRO, has found that cells from the human airway which are grown in a laboratory…

Revenue, profits up for Dicker Data

02 July 2020 in Listed Tech

ASX-listed IT hardware, software and cloud distributor, Dicker Data has boosted its coffers, bringing in $1 billion in revenue for…

Minor changes in encryption law expected in final draft

02 July 2020 in Government Tech Policy

The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, Dr James Renwick, is likely to have suggested some changes to the encryption law…

Only one man called the increase in defence spending for what it was

02 July 2020 in Open Sauce

It is curious in the extreme, that only one man, the hard-nosed Bernard Keane who writes for the news site…

LogicMonitor appoints Swapnil Shah to APAC region channel role

02 July 2020 in People Moves

IT infrastructure monitoring company LogicMonitor has announced that former Infosys and Tech Mahindra executive Swapnil Shah has joined the company…

Alice Springs gets first Indigenous satellite ground station

01 July 2020 in Space

Two state-of-the-art commercial satellite ground stations have been built in Alice Springs with funds from Indigenous Business Australia, the first…

COVIDSafe app: much ado about nothing after all

01 July 2020 in Open Sauce

After all is said and done, the only organisation to gain from the development of the COVIDSafe contact-tracing app in…


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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:14

Laser focus on Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless charging


Laser Australia has come out with two products just tested on the Samsung GS8/+ to take advantage of its wireless charging capabilities.

The products are a 6000mAh power bank (rechargeable battery pack) with Qi charging and a bedside alarm clock with Qi charging.

Managing director Chris Lau said, “Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ have wireless charging as a standard feature and join others like the Lumia 830 and later, Google Nexus 4 and later, and Blackberry Priv. Then there is a range of Qi-enabled accessories like the Parrot Zik 3 headphones and Apple Watch. Wireless charging offers unmatched convenience and is kinder to batteries.”

A Qi-equipped device has an inductive coil inside it and it sits on an inductive coil in a charging pad, usually powered by a standard 5V/2.1A charger. Electronics control the correct amount of power via a feedback mechanism to be “drip fed” to the device. You cannot overcharge via wireless and it’s best used overnight as Qi tends to take double the amount of time that a wall charger would.

Samsung also has a proprietary wireless fast-charging that allows it to deliver more than the 5W Qi standard and it uses more sophisticated electronics to speed up the process to a similar time as its fast charger.

Many phones can be easily retrofitted like the iPhone and Moto Z with its TUMI wireless charge mods. A list of common retrofits is here.

Laser 6000mAH power bank and Qi charger

Laser Qi power bankThe GS8 has a 3000mAh battery and the GS8+ has a 3500mAh battery. This 21.6 Wh, 6000mAh power bank will recharge these twice and 1.7 times respectively. But it is also a wireless charging pad (buy it instead of a separate charging pad) as well as a portable battery back-up.

It also has two USB-A sockets (one x 1A and one x 2.1A) that can be used simultaneously with the Qi pad.

On a test with an S8+, the charge from zero to 100% took about two hours.

With a 5V/2.1A charger the power pack took just under three hours to recharge. That was shortened by using a 5/3A charger.

It costs $39.95.

Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Laser Qi alarm

This is a very functional device – dual alarm clock (with light-sensitive numbers), room temperature gauge, FM radio, Auxiliary 3.5mm input, Bluetooth speaker (and NFC connect), handsfree speaker (needs phone pairing), and three USB 5V/1A ports

Looks-wise it is a squat black rectangle with large light sensitive numbers that were not intrusive at night. The buttons all follow industry standard.

Sound-wise there appear to be four speakers – one each side and two at the back. It produces reasonably good bass and midrange and has the volume to fill a typical bedroom.

It costs $129.95.

Lser Qi radio




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With the mass transition to remote working, our businesses are becoming highly dependent on the Internet.

So, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in cyberattacks.

However, what’s more concerning is that just 51% of technology professionals are highly confident that their cybersecurity teams are able to detect and respond to these threats.

Join us for this free online roundtable where our experts discuss key cybersecurity issues IT leaders are facing during the pandemic, and the challenges that will likely emerge in the coming years.


Ray Shaw

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