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Second-generation Oracle Cloud 'impenetrable': Ellison

23 October 2018 in Enterprise Cloud

Oracle's second generation cloud features "Star Wars cyber defences with 'impenetrable barriers' and 'autonomous robots'," the company's chief technology officer…

Increased competition, transparency in Internet interconnection market with latest developments: ACCC

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Australia’s competition watchdog, the ACCC, says recent developments in the wholesale market for Internet interconnection services will boost competition in…

MynetFone Business renews focus on SMB market

23 October 2018 in Business Telecommunications

MyNetFone Business, a provider of new-generation hosted communications services and part of the MNF Group, says it is renewing its…

Warning, fake charity scams on the increase: ACCC

23 October 2018 in Security

Fake websites, bogus telephone calls and fake emails are part of the scam inventory being used in Australia as scammers…

NAB, Microsoft join to build ATM with facial recognition

23 October 2018 in Business Intelligence

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Supermicro chief says Bloomberg spy story is dead wrong

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Supermicro Computer, the server manufacturer at the heart of allegations of supply chain manipulation through implanting of chips on mainboards…

Linus Torvalds back in charge of kernel project

23 October 2018 in Open Source

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has taken over charge of kernel development project after having stepped away for a few weeks…

CA publishes industry guideline for customers experiencing domestic, family violence

23 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Communications Alliance has published a guideline to help telecommunications providers assist customers who are affected by domestic and family…

Bankwest's debt 'enforcement default' slammed by NextDC

22 October 2018 in Data Centres

Bankwest, a division of the Commonwealth Bank, has been accused of launching an "aggressive and overhanded enforcement default" in the…

ACMA probe of triple zero failure finds Telstra in breach

22 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

An ACMA investigation into the lack of provision of a triple-zero service by Telstra after an outage in May has…

Network of charging stations for electric vehicles planned

22 October 2018 in Energy

A company known as Chargefox will be provided with $6 million to help it set up 21 ultra-rapid charging stations…

Assange sues Ecuador over alleged violation of rights

20 October 2018 in Strategy

WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has filed a lawsuit against Ecuador, accusing the government of violating his fundamental rights and freedoms.

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Global fixed broadband subscribers exceed one billion

23 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

There are now more than one billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide the Broadband Forum revealed today at Broadband World Forum…

Emtelle says its new 24 fibre bundle a 'game changer' to 'double operators' capacity'

23 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

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Dyson electric car on track for 2021 launch, manufacturing plans confirmed

23 October 2018 in Home Tech

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Kogan offers new Atlas to Go at nice pre-sale price; will it surface on your shopping list?

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Do not pass Go, and do collect at least $399 if you want to go and get Kogan's latest ultra-portable…

Kogan's Agora 9 smartphone packs 4000mAh battery with 5.45-inch 18:9 screen for $169

23 October 2018 in Home Tech

Ok, so we don't have a screen above 6-inches, while the processor isn't the most powerful, but Kogan has launched…

VIDEO Interview with a DataRobot: Greg Michaelson talks AI, banking, machine learning and more

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Oracle Autonomous Database does more, costs less: claim

23 October 2018 in Business Software

"We guarantee to cut your Amazon bill in half" if you move databases from AWS database management services to Oracle…

Victoria’s first grid scale battery commissioned

23 October 2018 in Energy

The first grid scale battery in Victoria has been officially commissioned in Ballarat as part of the Victorian Government’s $50…

ShareRoot joins St Vincent’s Hospital in clinical trial recruitment initiative

23 October 2018 in Deals

Australian-listed software as a service company ShareRoot is collaborating with St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne to apply its MediaConsent platform…

NBN: speed is good, but support is vital

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has done users of the national broadband network a great favour by keeping a…

Mozilla to sell VPN subscriptions through Firefox

23 October 2018 in Home Tech

Mozilla will start selling subscriptions to a VPN service, targeting a select set of users, from tomorrow onwards in the…

Microsoft hard at work trying to resurrect GitHub after it falls over

23 October 2018 in Data

Microsoft-owned GitHub fell over on Sunday US time, with a network partition and subsequent database failure rendering the code repository…

China tightens rules around services using blockchain

23 October 2018 in Strategy

Chinese citizens will have to register for online services that utilise blockchain technology using their real names, with the government…

ACCAN says triple-zero probe will benefit consumers

23 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, the peak body representing telecommunications users, has welcomed the announcement made by ACMA that…

Huawei's new Mate 20 Pro: arguably the best smartphone in the world late 2018, plus MUST-SEE keynote

23 October 2018 in Home Tech

With incredible features to outdo Apple, Samsung, Google and other competitors, Huawei is in a fierce battle to win the…

St George Bank, UNSW, AMGC collaborate on manufacturing research

22 October 2018 in Strategy

A new strategic partnership between St George Banking Group, UNSW Sydney and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre has been forged,…

Taxing big tech based on revenue is an excellent Treasury idea

22 October 2018 in Open Sauce

The Federal Government has an excellent chance to do itself a favour and also gain some good karma by taking…

Govt to give $7.5 million to renewable power trial

22 October 2018 in Energy

The Australian Government is providing $7.5 million to energy infrastructure company Jemena to support an Australian-first trial of a renewable…

Would you rather plug and unplug your smartphone or simply place it on a charging pad? That is the convenience of Qi charging.

After two weeks testing the new Galaxy S5 the only thing missing from an almost perfect package is Qi charging – Nokia got that right with its flagship Lumias.

But it is possible to retro fit Qi charging to many recent smartphones including Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3, S3, S4 and S5; Apple iPhone 4s, 5s; Nokia’s 720, 820, 925, and 1020; and Sony Xperia Z/Z2.

Aussie online sales MobileZap has an amazing 91 options in its Qi range.

There are several ways to do this.

If the rear cover can be removed e.g. Samsung Galaxy - you can slip a wafer thin, charging receiver inside the case. This is my preferred option as it is a set and forget thing. MobileZap tell me that the A$30.49, Galaxy S5 internal receiver has sold out – by far the most popular accessory.




Remaining with the removable back cover scenario, there is a range of replacement covers that incorporate Qi charging receivers. The S5 has an IP67 water and dust resistant black or white cover for A$45.95 – again sold out.














If the back cannot be removed e.g., iPhone, Nokia, or Sony there is a range of clip on cases and flip covers. These are available for any phone that has external charging contacts – usually two little gold dots somewhere on the back or side of the case.

There are also versions that attach the charging receiver via a micro USB or Lightning connector – although these are not as convenient.














Once you enable the phone, it is a simple matter of placing them on a Qi charge plate. Most will recharge the battery in about the same time as it takes with a normal charger. Note that the Samsung S5 with its USB 3.0 port will fast charge at 2.1A and the Qi receiver is rated at 750mA, so it will be a slower. The added advantage of using Qi is that it constantly tops up the battery.

There are many charge plates. I like the stylish $75.95 Adata Elite CE700 that can be used flat or upright as a phone stand. It has 1000mAh output and will charge the S5 in about 3 hours. It does not come with a USB charger – you can use your phones charger.





Nokia make a 2400mAh charger plate in red, cyan, magenta and white – these will do the recharge in just over 1 hour if your cover/receiver has a sufficiently high rating.







Qi-Time have a nice $90.49 combo charger plate, Bluetooth speaker/microphone, and alarm clock that would look good on any bedside table.

It is time to discover the convenience of Qi.


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As we automate, script and move to the cloud, more and more businesses are reliant on infrastructure that has the high potential to be exposed to risk.

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Criminal ransomware revenues are projected to reach $11.5B by 2019.

With a few simple policies and procedures, plus some cutting-edge endpoint countermeasures, you can effectively protect your business from the ransomware menace.


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