A brief round up of interesting IT happenings and deals.

An honourable mention for STM (Aussie company) bags that recevied great reviews in ITWire this week. The first is a Convoy canvass backpack that fits large notebooks and then the Maryanne Tote for female executives. These bags redefine quality and are great value.


Another mention for the really sexy HTC One Android handset. Initial reviews are that “You’re the one that I want” variety and a benchmark for great phones. This and the release of the Nokia Lumia 720 are covered by ITWire writer David Swan here. 









Baby Boomers are getting older – by the minute but we have never seen such bulbous buttons as on this hearing aide compatible Big Ass Button Phone. There are three programmable buttons for say Emergency, Pizza Delivery and the ex, a 13 number memory (in case you forget), speaker phone, power fail, and a very loud 90dB ringer. US$49.95





While on the topic this 104 key bright yellow “Keys U See” USB keyboard (also in black and white) with extra-large letters is designed to assist those with visual impairment. Has a full range of special function keys for those late nights working out how to make them work. Designed for Windows PC but will work with Mac. US$39.95






Motion tracking  is all the rage so this US $199.95 iPhone mount may just fit the bill. The trick is that the subject has to wear the transmitter (right item in picture) and it will follow you anywhere. No app is required and the unit runs off batteries.




Whilst on the topic this Smartphone controlled security camera allows you to monitor anywhere from a smartphone and a website. The iOS or Android app allows you to pan, tilt and record VGA quality at 30fps. Needs to plug into AC power and connects to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If you really want to use one of these consider using a Belkin Homeplug Ethernet over power lines adaptor as well. US$249.95





If you have been watching Revenge you will note that Emily has a lot of hidden cameras – everywhere. This Video surveillance clock fits the Revenge bill admirably. It is motion activated, records SVGA, is in focus up to 9 feet and picks up sound up to 16 feet away. A 4GB microSD (can use larger cards) stores up to 6 hours of AVI and the USB chargeable battery gives 1.5 hours of continuous recording. Mac and PC compatible. US$119.95.





Harry Potter never had it so good with this Kymera magic wand remote controller available from I have actually used one of these and it is both a conversation starter as well as a real remote that is capable of up to 13 remote functions. It learns from your existing remote. US$69.95 so it’s a great gift.



Star Trek tragics will have to have this Enterprise grade, laser etched, stainless steel blade, zinc alloy chromium plated, pizza cutter. - no really they will. US$19.99 – I have ordered one.



Eye of Sauron  is a collectable quality lamp, a 21” high, exact model of the Barad-dur fortress of Sauron. The roving eye watches you (care it runs off 120V). $299.99





Life imitates art – or vice versa. Nokia were delighted to announce on 1 April their first foray into domestic smart appliances the Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation microwave with an 8 core high voltage transformer 5,000 watts - you know this could really take off but Tim Cook from Apple immediately responded saying “Who else but a company named after such a wholesome fruit already has the AppleWave and the new smaller version the MiniWave and proceeded to sue Nokia for stealing their patent on a smartphone controlled cooker”.


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