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A brief roundup of interesting IT happenings and deals.

For the geek with everything Star Wars USB cufflinks may be the ideal gift. These R2D2 2GB (4GB in total) are silver plated and enamelled and come in a commemorative Star Wars box – fully licensed by Lucasfilm. At US$200 not cheap but buying presents for the man who has everything never is. If your budget does not extend there are a range of male accessories from $60 on the site. 


Pivothead wearable imaging  have released the jackass kit – a wearable camera that makes it easy to show you doing harm to yourself… Starting at US$299 these cameras allow POV (Point Of View) 720/1080p and 44.4 kHZ sound via an integrated 8MP camera and 8GB memory. There are four models and 15 styles to suit any jackass’s head, Android and iOS apps and options to transfer files via Wi-Fi as well. And we thought some jackass had strapped a camera to their head… 



LG, not to be outdone by sibling Samsung have announced that its Optimus G Pro (E975K) , 4.7”, 4G, 1.5GHz quad core, 2/32GB ram/storage, 1.3/13MP front/rear camera, Android smartphone will now have Eye Tracking (eye movement recognition) and Smart Video capability. Eye tracking uses the front camera to see where you are looking. Another interesting feature is dual camera where both the front and rear camera can record Picture in Picture style to allow you to add live commentary to the main recording. And the ‘Cheese Shutter’ (takes a photo if you say Cheese) has to be the cheesiest feature of all. Seriously however it is well advanced of the Samsung S3 and not too much behind the S4.


Bluetooth is a sleeper technology that has lots potential uses – not just for headsets. In this case the PoP handset for US$44.99 fills a need, not only to keep radiation away from your brain but in providing superior sound and microphone quality for calls.







Want a slide out QWERTY for your iPhone 5? NUU have announced just that. It has a backlit, full 42 key keyboard with autocorrect for mistakes and connects via Bluetooth. Uses Micro USB to charge. US$59 from Amazon. 





Datamancer  is the private nightmare of Richard ‘Doc” Nagy, a steampunk contraptor, technical artist and jackass of all trades. It has a range of truly unique “steampunk inspired” keyboards and accessories that might just be the gift for the man who has the R2D2 cufflinks mentioned above. US$750 Executive keyboard (pictured - and that is before you customise it) uses mechanical switches (the very best) and antique typewriter keys. USB connection for either Mac or Windows .Strictly limited production. But fear not there are models for Barristers (capable of withstanding extreme litigation), Machinists, Barons, Aviators, Alchemists, Vicars, New Yorkers, Seafarers, and even Scrabble players. I love this site and (hint, hint to the wife for Xmas) could see myself using some of these wonderfully quaintly designed products.

Polaroid  is back (how many times can it resurrect itself) distributed in Australia by Brands Australia with a Z340 14MP Digital Polaroid Camera that produces 4x3” colour photos. It does have that Polaroid look and feel and can also download photos to SD cards. One battery charge will print 25 photos. RRP is $369.95 at major outlets but astute shoppers will find an on-line bargain. Interestingly in the US they make and sell a wider range of Polaroid products including an Android SLR camera that looks interesting.


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