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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 01:14

VIDEO Interview and CeBIT Day 1 closing keynote: Futurist Ross Dawson


Celebrated futurist, bestselling author and speaker Ross Dawson talked to us about Platform Strategy - the changing structure of value creation.

Ross Dawson is a globally renowned futurist, author and speaker, and so it was no surprise to see him selected to be the closing keynote speaker for Day 1 of CeBIT Australia 2016.

Embedded below is my interview with Dawson on the topic of his keynote speech: Platform Strategy - the changing structure of value creation, and we had a solid conversation about this.

Following the interview, I managed to video record Dawson’s keynote in full, and obtained permission from Ross and CeBIT to publish it.

I will post CeBIT’s official video of Ross’s presentation when it is made available, but until then, my version gives you all the details you need, including all of the slides which Ross has made available at his blog

At Dawson’s blog on this keynote speech, he notes that his slides “are designed to support my keynote, not to stand alone, but there is more than usual structured content that may be useful to people who are not attending my presentation.”

Before I reprint Dawson’s words at his blog, which is below, let’s start with both videos - his interview with me, and then his keynote speech.


Ross Dawson closing CeBIT Australia 2016 Day 1 Keynote: Platform Strategy – The changing structure of value creation

At Ross Dawson’s blog, he says: “I believe that the concept of platforms is enormously relevant in understanding how the economy is shifting today. In many ways it brings together the key themes of my books, including knowledge-based relationships, value co-creation, living networks, internal and external social media, and crowdsourcing.

“I will later share more detailed thoughts on platform thinking. For now there are two key frames I would like to distill from today’s keynote.

“Platforms as a primary strategic frame

“The fundamental premise of platforms is that of enabling others in value-creating interactions. It is a very different frame from traditional strategy, which looks at the organisation as the value-creating entity.

“In a connected world where the majority of value is created across boundaries, platform strategy should often be the first frame for both new and existing organisations. As shown in my slides, we can now provide useful, structured frameworks to address platform strategy,” continued Dawson.

The rest of Ross’s comments are below, please read on

Dawson continued:

“Unlimited scalability”

“Platforms are based on network effects, in which value increases often exponentially with increasing participation, leading to winner-take-most markets. Moreover successful platforms can usually readily expand beyond their initial ambit to access a far broader strategic space.

“I am particularly interested in the concept of ‘company builder’ models, where entrepreneurs build multiple ventures in parallel. These can be thought of as platforms that enable value creation on a far broader scale, building potentially exponential value.

“On both of these two fronts I am a practitioner as well as thinking about these issues, working with clients on platform strategy, and building my own company builder model with Advanced Human Technologies Group,” Dawson concluded.

See the slides at Ross’s blog here and see Ross Dawson’s main site here


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