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iPad 3 raging rumour overload

Oh iPad 3, wherefore art thee? In Chinese factories art thou made, production's started and not delayed, millions are coming for retail trade, all designed in California and China made.

With likely less than a month before the iPad 3 is announced, and less than two months before it's available in US retail stores, interest in Apple's iPad 3 is naturally hotting up to the hottest pre-availability levels possible.

This means some sizzling hot rumours are jumping out of the frying pan and into an even hotter fire, with Bloomberg responsible for the latest rumour re-hash to arrive.

Quoting those incredibly handy but necessarily anonymous 'people familiar with the product', we learn that iPad 3 production is meant to have already started, that it has a highly-anticipated quad-core processor for superfast operation, and an LTE chipset that may, or may not, support both AT&T and Verizon.

Naturally, there's much more than that. The iPad's screen is meant to deliver a 'retina display'-esque experience, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. Siri is set to finally make its appearance in an iDevice beyond the iPhone 4S.

There's talk of a thinner case or a thicker case, depending on which screen technology Apple ends up using, a longer battery life, vastly better resolution front and back cameras and iOS 5.1 which takes advantage of all these improvements, including being able to take full advantage of quad-core processing power.

Other reports talk of a 20x improvement in graphics performance too, something that is another obvious expectation, and one that, combined with a quad-core processor, is said in Bloomberg's article to see video start 'immediately'.

However, anyone expecting the iPad user interface to be vastly different that what we already know is likely to be disappointed.

Any such major OS and UI revamp will have to wait for iOS 6.0, or for some kind of hybrid between the full desktop version of Mac OS X and the iDevice iOS, which Apple may or may not release in competition with Windows 8.

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Indeed, just like the specifics of the iPad 3's release date remain unknown to all but a very few people worldwide, so too do Apple's future OS plans.

Personally, I had expected iOS 5.0 to deliver some kind of major UI revamp, but instead Apple wisely chose to revamp some of iOS's underpinnings, introducing iCloud as a place to backup your iDevice and store files (for those who wanted it), while adding all kinds of small features here and there that added up to a lot.

In any case, the iPad 3 is expected to be a major upgrade to the iPad 2, and will be the first major tablet launch of the year - despite all those Android-powered Ice Cream Sandwiches launched at CES.

And, even though Microsoft's OEM partners are set to launch all manner of Windows 8 tablets this year, it seems clear that 2012 will be the year of the iPad yet again.

No doubt this will cause Microsoft to polish its Windows 8 as shinily as it possibly can before launch, and to work as closely as possible with OEMs to ensure Windows 8 tablets are as competitive and feature packed as possible to fight against the iPad onslaught, or at least - I hope so.

Until then, the iPad 3 is where all the early 2012 action will be. You might find yourself in an iLine outside an Apple store, or you might not.

You might love Apple, you might hate it.

Yet despite Windows tablets and Dynabooks of old, Apple is the company that took the tablet and made it a must-have item, and from the pre-release looks of things, the iPad 3 will be even more must-have than all the previous iDevices put together!

Now we wait for the inevitable 'leaked' fuzzy photo of a supposed iPad 3 to appear, given there's not long to go before the iPad 3 is officially here.

Hoax or not, such a photo is almost overdue, so expect it - and the real iPad 3 - to arrive in the next few weeks, if not sooner!



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