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Saturday, 06 December 2008 18:19

Linux Hater's Redux... dead? Long live... Oiaohm?!

First the Linux Hater’s blog ended, and now there’s a claim that the Linux Hater’s Redux has gone to the great kernel panic in the sky. Now a mysteriously named person called “Oiaohm” is trying to re-incarnate some of the hate in a new “battle ground” but his sights aren’t set on Linux alone.

Back in early November and throughout much of October I was being pestered by what transpired to be one of the world’s great unknown Linux zealots, a hardware engineer by the lusername of “Telic”.

A big fan of the awesomely cute Tux icons from the Tux Factory at CrystalXP, Telic is very learned and is a big proponent of Linux and FOSS being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, and of Microsoft being the criminal monopolist devil – presumably the answer to Death, the Antiverse and Nothing.

Actually Telic is right on many things, and openly admits to taking a “guilty pleasure” in flaming the hell out of anyone that prefers Windows and doesn’t care about learning Linux.

He has even adopted iTWire as his current favourite spot for bashing those who bash Linux, and to be honest, I’m quite chuffed. I never thought I’d have my own Linux zealot, and it’ll be a sad day when Telic finds a better place to bash Windows zealots instead. I'll have to replace him with a pet rock painted with a Tux logo and those plastic little white eyes with the black pupils inside that move around when you shake it. But it won't be the same as a real live Telic.

Heck Telic is probably getting a kick out of reading about himself at this very moment and is undoubtedly preparing some kind of monumental missive in response. I'm sure Matrix is having a good laugh, too. You know who you are.

But hey, Telic, don’t worry, this article really isn’t about you, I’m just having some guilty pleasure and adding to your infamy.

So, even though this article actually isn’t about Telic... let’s go back to Telic just for a sec.

Because he’s very arrogant and annoying, I got jack of his endlessly (mostly) winning arguments and decided to write something nasty about Linux on November the 2nd, because honestly, there’s only so much Linux zealotry you can take before exploding in a blossom of FOSStard insanity, and November 2nd was that day.

Actually I didn’t make too much of an explosive mess.

All I did was to write an article called “Linux Hater's Blog dead, long live the redux”, which simply noted that the original “Linux Hater’s Blog” had reached an “EOF” or end-of-file, and that the "Linux Hater’s Redux" was born.

Given the fact the original Linux hater gave so much joy and angst to those on either side of the OS fence, the passing of the original blog was certainly worth writing about, while the new blog was worth reporting on too.

As a journalist (and, according to Telic, a rather skilled weaver of baskets) I simply did what I do: report. And in a world of blogging, give my opinion.

At the time this got up Telic’s nose, but seeing as that was what I was openly and obviously trying to do, some kind of superior and smarmy comment emerged. I can’t even remember what it was, and can’t be bothered to go and find out. If you really care to see his brilliance, you’ll find it in the comments section of this linked article.

So, given this article actually isn’t about Telic at all, and I originally had no plans to write about anything to do with Linux today, why in heaven’s name am I writing this lovely weaved basket?

And who the heck is “Oiaohm” and why does he claim the Linux Hater’s Redux is dead?

Well, these are all very good questions. Whatever operating system you’re using, clicking over to page 2 will elicit some answers.

Like I said, I had no intention of writing anything about Linux today, and I certainly didn’t think I’d be guiltily pleasurably poking fun at my Linux loving nemesis, the terrifically terrifying yet tiresome Telic.

But I noticed a new comment at my Linux Hater’s Redux article from the mysterious “oiaohm”, saying Linux “Hater's Redux is dead. Running my own take on all OS's. More open talks.”

Mr Oiaohm then posted a link to his blog, called the “Oiaohm Battle Ground”.

So I decided to take a look, and his welcome states:

“This is my battle ground. So far Linux Hater and Linux Hater's Redux has left the building. At least Linux Hater has been good enough to leave the building with a final message.

“I am not like either. I am not exactly out to make Linux look bad alone. If Linux is defective in an area lets go for it. If any other OS is defective in a area same thing lets go for it.

“I do follow Linux a lot so some things here will be my predictions on the technology coming to Linux and its short term effects. None of these predictions normally be longer than 12 months.

“There will be no room for freetard or wintard or any other tard arguments. If something is a myth and I or anyone else here says bust it.

“One word of warning in advance. Windows Vista and before don't dare say its secure. Simple fact its not. This is where Linux Hater's Redux hit the wall.

“I will do from time to time how computer secuirty (sic) should work. Now if any OS or Distrobution (sic) out there is claiming to be secure when its not bring it on. For fun from time to time I will bring up Myths of IT. These will be Tard arguments or incompetent reporters.

“Lets have some fun.

“Luser and other abusive term used without facts supporting you will see your post deleted. This is the first and only warning. If you are not sure don't use abusive terms.”

The mysterious Mr Oiaohm then follows up with a second post called “Myth of IT 1: Market Share explains Virus Numbers”. Presumably there is much more to come.

Also, if this page from a Google search is to be believed, "Oiaohm" could be someone by the name of Peter Dolding. I've never heard of him, but take of that what you will.

So, is the Linux Hater’s Redux dead, or ready to re-invigorate itself with a new blast of “Rants and Laughs”?

Click on to page 3 to see how far the rabbit hole goes...

Is the Linux Hater’s Redux dead, as “Oiaohm” claims?

Well, on the evidence, it’s not conclusive. The last post was on November 20, 2008, which is called “Why Linux is not more secure than Windows”.

The “Rants and Laughs 8” section, with presumably the same date, notes: “It is nearly the end of the semester, and I am quite busy.”

So, perhaps Mr Redux has simply been busy in class with to stuff around bashing Linux zealots. Maybe he found some female company and has been busy studying the female operating system instead of the Linux version.

Or perhaps he really has just given up as Oiaohm suggests.

I guess we’ve yet to find out whether the Redux has re-died or will instead be re-born with a new post.

But until then, Oiaohm has taken up the mantle and announced his battle ground to the world.

The world also has Telic at the ready to cleverly out-argue Windows zealots and Linux haters with freedom loving mental FOSS, whether it’s here or somewhere else on the web, and there are obviously plenty more Linux fans out there ready to die in a ditch to defend Linux to the last.

All of that said, Ubuntu is now at 8.10, MintOS and PCLinux and other distros are really much better than earlier versions, and are rapidly maturing to provide a much bigger threat to the various versions of Windows and even Mac OS X.

Linux has done very well on Netbooks as Telic likes to remind us all endlessly, and Linux could well be installed on virtually 100% of motherboards through Linux quick boot initiatives such as the Asus ExpressGate technology and similar technologies from others.

Linux’s netbook success has clearly spooked Microsoft into making sure Windows 7 will run on today’s notebooks far faster and far more smoothly than Windows Vista, and has even spooked Microsoft into considering a Windows quick boot technology of its own.

Telic has even pointed to talk of Microsoft offering Windows licenses to OEMs free of charge to ensure they don’t defect to Linux.

Even IBM has done a deal with Canonical to offer a desktop environment at a much cheaper cost than through installing Windows and Office.

Like I said, Telic has some great arguments and is often right on the money, even if his style of delivery is painfully smug and superior. Windows zealots are but foolish children after all, right Telic? And all those foolish children made Bill Gates the richest foolish Windows child of them all. Silly kids, eh?

It still doesn’t want to make me stop using Windows, but Telic’s efforts have made me want to learn more about Linux, funnily enough. Even “mdsmedia”, another iTWire reader and Linux proponent, has made me re-think my objections to the waddling OS that is Linux.

Ultimately, I still feel far more excited about the prospect of Windows 7 coming out in mid-2009, and the official beta on January 13 2009 than I am about any future relase of Ubuntu 9.04 or 10.04, but at the same time it’ll be very interesting to see how Canonical have evolved Ubuntu by then, and the advances the other Linux distro makers will achieve in all their next versions.

Naturally I am using the Windows 7 pre-beta as we speak, and wrote an article earlier today called "Windows 7 build 6956 leaks to web as a VHD". Hours after the leak of 6956 there are already detailed instructions on how to install it.

While I've flirted with the idea of going through all of that, which includes downloading it (which I couldn't be bothered doing quite frankly), the amount of stuffing around needed reminded me (even if erroneously from a Linux lover's point of view) of stuffing around with Linux.

I'm happy with 6801 and the Blue Badge Tool and can wait a bit longer for the real beta of Windows 7 to launch. Just like I let the Linux lovers beta test all the latest Linux distros for me, I'll let the real Windows zealots figure out all the kinks in the Windows 7 6956 VHD. By the time they're done it'll be so close to the real beta anyway.

So... whether the Linux Hater’s Redux is dead or not (let's hope it's not), and whether Oiaohm will do a good job or end up ditching his blog too, good luck to you whatever operating system you use, whether you’ve paid for it, downloaded it free of charge, or have naughtily pirated it and are at the mercy of Microsoft or Apple shutting you down at any time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Season’s Greetings, (insert your own end-of-year celebration here) and a happy 2009 to you all.

Even you, Telic.


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