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Friday, 03 March 2006 18:32

Reading the runes on FTTN

It's the $6 billion question that's been preoccupying the telecoms industry for weeks: Is Telstra bluffing when it says there'll be no FTTN rollout until…
Proprietary software champion Microsoft has reneged on an agreement to send its star Linux strategist to Sydney for the inaugural LinuxWorld Australia expo and conference…
Thursday, 23 February 2006 20:23

Linux Lamer of the Month

I've been too busy the last couple of days to do much Linux work. I promise to do a lot more on the weekend and…
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 18:55

Linux - the long and winding road

Since I started my quest to transition from Windows to Linux last week, many Ubuntu Linux (not Linux Ubuntu!) devotees have asked me why don't…
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 03:46

Ubuntu initiation rites

I must say that my first week as a Linux user - or more specifically an Ubuntu user - has been a real education. The…
After wasting much of my weekend trying to burn a simple Linux Ubuntu installation disk and posting a story to tell the world about how…
Telstra has a bold and ambitious plan to secure its future prosperity: it will understand its customers needs and wants much better than any telco…
If we imagine two baseball teams – the Windows Windjammers and the Linux Lumberjacks – the Windjammers are the longstanding pennant holders and the Lumberjacks…
Monday, 20 February 2006 05:01

Houston you have a problem!

According to an Associated Press report the police chief of Houston Texas wants to put surveillance cameras into private homes to help his department's crime…
As part of its monthly patch distribution, Microsoft has issued a series of new security updates, two of which are categorized as critical. We are…



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