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I used to think that there was no one more passionate about their high-tech toys than Apple Mac users or Linux geeks. I may be…
Editor's Note: (The following article contains errors for which we apologize to reviewer Joshua Zyber. We mistakenly attributed two quotes from a review at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=22593…
As much we would like to deny it, there is a certain amount of antipathy in some areas between the US and the EU these…
Saturday, 15 July 2006 11:02

Has the Skype fallen in for eBay?

With news that a Chinese software firm has reverse engineered the Skype VoIP protocol and encryption, the pundits are predicting doom and gloom for eBay…
Thursday, 13 July 2006 17:48

Why Microsoft should fear Intel Macs

There has been much talk about the threat that Apple Macintosh computers now pose to Windows PCs - or should we say Windows only PCs.…
The latest news that the European Commission has fined Microsoft US$357 million for failing to comply with an antitrust order to diminish its Windows monopoly…
Microsoft’s announcement that it will support the development of an Open Document Format (ODF) converter plug-in will bring much needed competition and innovation in office…
Every time a new study is published suggesting there just might be a link between cellphone usage and adverse effects on the human body, you…
Saturday, 08 July 2006 14:40

Is aggregation the future of news?

An interesting and some might consider disturbing aspect of the latest iteration of the web is the burgeoning popularity of news aggregation websites. These sites…
Saturday, 08 July 2006 06:58

Apple tarred with Microsoft's WGA brush

A new feature in the latest upgrade to Mac OS X 10.4 (10.4.7) has provoked a storm of protest over allegations that Apple is spying…


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