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After several weeks of anguish I've finally recreated my Windows XP file backup regime under Gutsy Gibbon, overcoming my fear of the Linux command line…
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 08:04

Seven's HDTV multi-channelling joke continues

The Seven network's half-arsed foray into high definition multi-channelling shows no sign of improvement, as the television network continues to pull HD programs from the…
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 13:09

The Road to Ubuntu - Backup Hell

My journey from XP to Ubuntu has stalled as I fight with Gutsy Gibbon to recreate my file backup regime under Linux.
Forget upgrading to Vista's eye candy, it's time to turn my back on the world of pain that is Windows and see what Ubuntu has…
Blocking all Firefox users, just because of the AdBlock Plus plugin, is a sure-fire way to put your website out of business.
After years of insisting bloggers and the like don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as "real journalists" the mainstream media has done…
With an Australian Federal election looming, the Howard government is chasing the Puritan vote with an $84 million porn filtering program aimed to protect the…
We all know games console hardware is sold at a loss, with the money made back on games and services, so why would Sony put…
Beyonwiz has released the first firmware update for its all-in-one DP-S1 Personal Video Recorder - adding the ability to copy recordings to USB devices, but…
Apple's legal bullying of the media has hit a new low, with Cupertino forcing Australian technology magazine APC to pull a positive OS X "Leopard"…




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