Opera Software has released yet another version of the Opera browser to fix an "extremely severe" security vulnerability.
A graphics-related feature of the i5 and i7 based MacBook Pro models may be responsible for some users experiencing shorter than expected battery life.
It seems that the 'iPhone 4G' found in a California bar may be the real thing. But was it really lost?
Apple has introduced a new clause to its iPhone developer licence that restricts the languages that can be used to write apps. Adobe isn't mentioned,…
A fresh round of controversy has exploded concerning the way Apple forbids third-party developers from using private APIs in iPhone OS.
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 15:32

App Store: Buy before you fly

Don't bank on being able to update your iPhone, iPod touch, or (in due course) iPad apps when you're travelling outside Australia.
Now you see it, now you don't, now you do: 3G TV streaming returns to EyeTV for iPhone.
Salmat is dropping the VeCommerce brand currently associated with its speech offerings.
There's been another kerfuffle over a rejection by Apple's App Store. Snowtape was initially rejected, then allowed into the store after some modifications.



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