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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 15:01

Telecoms trends in 2011

Industry analyst Ovum has released a list of its predictions of the top telecoms trends for 2011.
If you keep betting on the same number of a roulette table, you're sure to win eventually - right? But the behaviour of malware merchants…
Apple has applied for a patent for the "community review of items in an electronic store". I reckon it has a major failing.
Australian authorities have decided not to prosecute Google for the 'inadvertent' collection of personal data by its Street View cars. Quite right too.
Just because you have an opinion - or a non-opinion, for that matter - you don't have to share it with the world.
The seller of a white iPhone 4 conversion kit has attracted more attention than he bargained for.
Steve Ballmer has revealed that he is selling a substantial portion of his personal shareholding in Microsoft, but says he's still "fully committed to Microsoft".
One software company took a caning over the appearance of bikini-clad women at a conference party, but another didn't. Why might that have been?



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