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Monday, 30 January 2006 21:01

How McGauchie got his man

The Australian Financial Review's scathing expose of Sol Trujillo's recent career begs the question of how the Telstra board came to hire him in the…
The closure of the leading Adelaide-based Playstation 2 development house Ratbag by its new US owners in December 2005 highlights the danger of selling the…
Charles Giancarlo, the boss of Cisco subsidiary Linksys, told the UK's Financial Times last week that Cisco was planning to make a big push into…
Friday, 09 December 2005 10:22

Response to "do we need economists?"

David Havyatt, head of regulatory affairs for AAPT has written a response to our column questioning the value of expert advise from economists in the…
Monday, 05 December 2005 17:52

Do we need economists?

High profile US economist, Jeffery Eisenach, engaged by Telstra to back its anti-regulation lobbying campaign - is the latest in a long line mustered by…
Saturday, 19 November 2005 16:14

Trust us we're Telstra!

Telstra's mammoth six hour strategic review briefing on Tuesday 15 November was part strategy announcement, part financial outlook announcement and part - a very big…
Friday, 04 November 2005 11:00

How the anti-spam industry lost its way

By Peter Stewart*One definition of madness is continually trying the same thing and expecting a different result.  Yet this is exactly what much of the…
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 19:40

Beware of self-appointed guardians of Cyberspace

"Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested."
Sunday, 16 October 2005 21:13

Has Microsoft lost its edge?

Increasingly there is a buzz making its way around the traps of the IT world that Microsoft is starting to lose its grip and is…
Sunday, 23 October 2005 10:00

It's not about the phone

It's a weird feeling to be given a 21st century state-of-the art masterpiece of electronic technology to find that it shares its number one attribute with…




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