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Saturday, 16 August 2008 19:39

Bigfoot found on the Internet

The hunt for Bigfoot is over, say the two chaps claiming to have the corpse in their freezer - and the merchandising on their website...

Everyone who attended the Bigfoot press conference on Friday was impressed by one thing: the fact that you could not miss the website URL that accompanied the 'discovery' of the mythical beast.

"Emblazoned with the URL searchingforbigfoot.com, the baseball caps worn by Matthew Whitton (aka Gary Parker) and Rick Dyer said so very much" says Chris Matyszczyk on CNET.

Others, such as Bob Keefe writing at ajc.com think that the association with renowned Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi speaks louder than those caps.

It was, after all, the Biscardi Bigfoot merchandise website that was getting all the glory.

"In 2005, Biscardi claimed he had come across a woman in Nevada who had captured two living Bigfoot creatures" Keefe reveals, adding "He charged about $15 for visitors to his Web site to see blurry streaming video claiming to show the captured creatures."

So is this the real Bigfoot? Or perhaps just a big fat scam to get people visiting the website which will sell you a T-Shirt for $25 or a Bigfoot welcome doormat for $35?

We cannot say for sure, although the fact that samples of the Bigfoot DNA taken from the corpse have come back as being human in one case and 96 percent opossum in the other according to a University of Minnesota analysis do tend to suggest approaching the claims with caution would be a good idea.

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer maintain they 'stumbled' across the Bigfoot corpse by accident while out hiking in woods north of Georgia, USA. They also admit that they expect to make some money out of this.

Which might explain why they have offered so many different video accounts of the discovery. According to reports they started by claiming the animal was shot by a former felon and they tracked it into the woods.

This later turned into an account of finding a Bigfoot family, and later still the hiking and stumbling over a corpse story.

Best of all though, is the YouTube video in which they talk with 'a scientist' who it was later revealed was actually the brother of Dyer...


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