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D-Link Powerline AV2 2000 – Internet where you want it (first look)


D-Link has released a 2000Mbps, PowerLine (network over power lines) adaptor with a Gigabit Ethernet Lan socket and 240V pass through.

While Wi-Fi gets better and faster there is no substitute for rock solid, stable, Internet-over-power – using the 240V sockets in your home or office to locate Ethernet ports where you need them. These have been especially popular in heritage homes where the Wi-Fi AC 5GHz signals cannot pass through sandstone walls and iron roofs and running ethernet cables are impractical. That issue will get worse when Wi-Fi AD arrives – its signal can be stopped by a vase of flowers!

Powerline pairThe PowerLine kit (2 units) transforms existing electrical wiring into a high-speed network with speeds of up to 2000Mbps (that is 20 x 100Mbps). It is an ideal solution for high-bandwidth applications like online gaming and 4K media streaming, while simultaneously bringing Ethernet network connectivity to hard-to-reach areas in the home.

D-Link ANZ managing director Graeme Reardon said, “The popularity of PowerLine products has grown at a rapid rate because the Internet router is usually nowhere near where you need hardwired Ethernet connections required by Smart TVs, Foxtel, Roku/Apple TV, or gaming consoles. PowerLine solutions offer a simple and affordable solution by transforming any electrical outlet in the home into a network connection.”

Smart TVs can use Wi-Fi to stream but that can result in long load times, buffering and stuttering. Put a Powerline near the TV for gigabit speeds (of course that is the speed from the Powerline to the Powerline connected to the router – it cannot improve internet speeds that range from a few Mbps to 100Mbps).

And then there are multifunction printers that install “always connected” agents on PCs so that they can print, scan to folders etc.

Wi-Fi connection results in frequent connectivity outages – PowerLine fixes all that.

PowerLine can use up to 16 adapters (they do share the 2000Mbps bandwidth) and these use Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology and Quality of Service (QoS) to manage that.

As long as the power comes from a common switchboard you can put them in places like the garage, outdoor shed, around the pool etc.

 Powerline MIMO

The new AV2 2000 features AC line noise filtering so that you can plug another 240V device into the pass through socket and it will not affect the signal.

You can also hook up a low-cost five-or-eight port Ethernet switch to share bandwidth – useful for the media cabinet where you may have a set top box, smart TV, Blue-ray player, games console and more that need internet access.

For the technically minded you can read the data sheet here.

Price and availability

They are sold in a set of two for $249.95 either from D-Link online or most major electronics retailers.

Powerline box 


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