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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 22:25

White Pages make the leap from page to iPad


Telstra's White Pages became a lot more relevant, and lighter, today with the launch of a new iPad app.


The app is essentially the White Pages in iPad form but includes some bonuses, including relevant Twitter feeds, Facebook links and other custom information such as trading hours and deals.

It is the latest in a number of digital products released by White Pages in the past year including a White Pages app for iPhone and new digital products for White Pages customers that include links to social media and rich online content.

Mr Peter Barclay, Group Manager White Pages Product, explained the benefits of his new product.

'White Pages content remains some of the most sought after in Australia with an average of 5.5m searches across the White Pages network each week.

'The White Pages iPad app will complement the White Pages multi-channel network and meet the needs of an increasing number of Australians that rely on tablet devices everyday.'

Customer content such as full listing information, logos, and Digital Contact Points are some of the advertiser products that are integrated into the iPad app.

In addition, all of the benefits of layout and readability - normally found in the print book - have been applied to digital display.

The app features images from the White Pages Covers' Program on the home screen; it will allow users to find listing information; see locations of listings with Whereis maps; view recent searches from the app home page and use the iPad's built-in GPS to help find results nearby to where the user is located.

Mr Barclay said speed and performance were key objectives in the development of the app.

'The White Pages iPad app offers users a clean and fast digital search experience. The touch screen interface and device capability like current location gives users a far richer experience.'

Mr Barclay said the launch of the iPad app will also raise awareness of White Pages among a new group of potential users.

'It's important to encourage users and non-users to trial White Pages in a modern context. The White Pages iPad app is an innovative and user-friendly application for a new popular device that offers high capability, reaching new target audiences and creating usage growth.'

It's available in Apple's app store from today, for free.


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