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VIDEOS: Apple’s successful iPhone 6s launch, Telstra and Vodafone interviews Featured


Apple has successfully launched its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models, with long queues continuing; I also spoke to Telstra and Vodafone execs about their launches.

The fervour for Apple’s newest iPhones continues, complete with ultra hyped-up Apple Staff doing their raucous cheers for several minutes before a final countdown to 8am, along with long lines you don’t see for any other smartphone brand or model.

It indicates that iPhones are still something truly special, for if they weren’t, why would anybody bother to queue in the rain?

In the video below, I start with an approx 7.52am walk past the George St Sydney CBD Apple Store, followed by a couple of minutes before and after 8am where you see - several photographers deep - Apple’s Store staff being led by Apple’s appointed motivational pre-launch motivator.

You can see and hear the cheering, the whooping, the clapping and the staff hype factor that always accompanies Apple’s latest launches, which not only makes for quite a spectacle for the media, but also Apple’s patient customers queued up waiting to buy or collect their latest iPhone model.

After that, I took a short walk down part of the queue, and the final video (with all four videos joined together), I took a look at both Apple queues, the one for those collecting pre-ordered devices, and the other stretching down King St of people who simply turned up on launch day in the hope of getting the iPhone model, size and colour they desired.

At one point the queue stretched right down to Clarence St, with plenty of yellow-jacketed security guards and the occasional set of police to ensure calm and order was maintained at all times.

It’s just after 11am as I type, and when I left the city about 30 minutes ago, the queue was still very long and will probably continue for much of the day as people keep joining it.

Here’s the video:

After checking out the situation at the Apple Store, I headed over to the Telstra store where NRL stars were in attendance, signing footballs and taking selfies with excited fans, while also looking forward to seeing the new iPhone for themselves.

You can see that video here:

I then spoke to Telstra’s Executive Director of Mobile, John Chambers, and asked him a few questions about the Telstra iPhone launch - that video is below.

Next up, I had a chat with Vodafone’s Director of Sales, Ben McIntosh, about Vodafone’s iPhone launch - and that video is below, too.

If Optus organised anything special for its launch, I don’t know - they didn’t make any special announcements or offer up any executives for interview. Had they done so I’d have happily interviewed them too.

So, that’s the iPhone launch for Sydney, Australia, with the next 24 hours or so set to see the same thing replicated across Apple Stores around the world.

Happy 3D Touching!


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