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VIDEO: Uber Sydney NYE travel tips: busiest night ever, expect surge pricing Featured


Uber expects to deliver over 2 million rides tonight in what it expects will be its ‘busiest night ever’, so expect surge pricing and consider splitting your fare.

When it’s New Year’s Eve, even taxi drivers presumably wish they weren’t on the road and were with family and friends instead.

Uber uses ‘surge pricing’ that costs more but uses the power of capitalism and the free market to ensure more cars are on the road when they’re needed - with New Year Eve and New Year’s Morning one of the busiest times all year for the taxi transport industry.

Uber says that ‘on New Year’s Eve, everyone is looking for rides at exactly the same times’, and advises it expects ‘the highest fares between 12:30 and 4:00 AM, where an average ride at 2 AM could be over $100’.

The company offers advice ‘to avoid these high fares’, saying ‘don’t request during these three and a half hours—catch a ride just after midnight or wait a couple of hours for prices to return to normal.’

In Australia, Uber offers its services in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth. 

Because surge pricing is expected tonight, the company says ‘you'll be notified in advance and asked to confirm any increased rates, and you can always estimate your fare before requesting.’

Uber has posted a video showing what surge or ‘dynamic’ pricing looks like:

There’s also the opportunity to split your fare, especially as you’ll already likely be ‘sharing the night with your favourite people’. If so, Uber asks, ‘why not share the cost of your ride home? Use fare split and let your friends chip in.’

Uber also advises ‘that Sydney has many road closures in place’ and asks ‘please don't request an Uber where cars cannot pick you up.’

Uber’s blog post for today also shares a stack of global Uber stats for 2014. 

The full list is here, but Uber boasts of delivering ‘140 million rides in more than 50 countries, from Los Angeles, to Phuket, and everywhere in between.’

Uber talks up its deal with Spofity, it’s UberPOOL sharing in San Francisco, Paris and New York, it’s UberICECREAM deliveries, 8 UberWEDDINGS, a decline in DUIs and even noting that 500,000 people worldwide (which isn’t that big a number on a global basis, actually) have signed petitions in support of ridesharing.

Finally, there's no doubt the regular Taxis Combined mTaxi app, the GoCatch app, Ingogo and any other app out there will also be very busy tonight - so please travel safe whichever way you decide to travel tonight or tomorrow morning!

Happy New Year! :-)


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