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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 21:31

Old folk embrace mobile phones

Does your granny feel intimidated and hesitant when using new technology? Is Great Aunt Ethel a texting genius? The results of a new survey might just surprise you young folk.

A survey of seniors has revealed that an ever increasing number are now using mobile phones. However the sector does remain somewhat reserved when it comes to embracing other new technologies.

The survey, conducted during January and February this year, and published by Doro looked at the attitudes and habits of senior usage of mobile phones and new consumer technologies.

It suggests that some 77 percent of old folk in the UK have now got access to a mobile phone. 73 percent of these use them mainly to make telephone calls (obviously not iPhone users then) with texting coming a distant second in the usage stakes on just 37 percent.

Interestingly, 49 percent of those surveyed said that they still felt "intimidated and hesitant" when it comes to using new technology in general. Being a grandfather myself I thought this a little odd, as most of my peers are quite happy handling gadgets thanks very much.

Then I looked at the age groups being surveyed, and realised that while I might be a grandpa I'm not considered old enough to be a senior, which is a relief. However, the survey did reveal some interesting differences between younger and olkder seniors when it came to mobile phone usage.

The survey also revealed differences between countries, age groups and social background. Nearly 90 percent of those in the age group 65-74 have a mobile phone, while only two-thirds of those in the age group 75+ have one.

In geographical terms, when it comes to a positive attitude towards new technology the USA is in the front line on 65 percent, closely followed by Sweden and Germany (62 percent) and the UK (44 percent).

"Many seniors experience difficulties when handling technical products due to problems relating to sight, hearing, poor mobility and indeed limited dexterity. At Doro we believe that seniors will call and use services to a much greater extent as soon as they possess a mobile phone developed with their needs in mind" says Kjell Reidar Mydske Marketing and Sales Director at Doro.


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