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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 13:34

LogMeIn adds free app for iOS


LogMeIn has unveiled a free mobile app to bring its remote desktop capabilities to even more iOS devices for free. Based on the paid LogMeIn Ignition app, the new app lets any iOS owner remotely view, access and control their PCs or Macs from their iPad or iPhone from anywhere with an internet connection.

Building on the success of its highly popular mobile app, LogMeIn Ignition, the new LogMeIn for iPad/iPhone app is the latest move by LogMeIn to bring its cloud-based remote services to new audiences. 

'Mobile devices, most notably the iPad, have given rise to an entirely new audience looking to remotely access their computer files and applications on the go. Not surprisingly, mobile has become an increasingly important driver for introducing new people to LogMeIn's services, and we believe we're just scratching the surface of this growing demand,' said Michael Simon, president and CEO of LogMeIn.

iPad and iPhone owners can download the free app from the Apple App Store and then installing LogMeIn Free on any PC or Mac which they wish to access. Users can also upgrade to an all new version of LogMeIn Pro and enjoy additional remote access capabilities.

LogMeIn Free users can:


  • Access an unlimited number of PCs and Macs from their iOS devices through a secure connection that uses AES 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS intrusion detection
  • Remotely view and control their PCs and Macs as if the device were in their hands
  • Run their computer-based business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc. on their iOS device
  • View important files and other important information stored on a remote computer from anywhere with a WiFi or 3G connection

LogMeIn Pro can also use

  • High Definition (HD) remote control, optimised for streaming video and audio content from their PCs to their iOS devices (Mac HD streaming is planned for early 2012)
  • Cloud storage integration to quickly and seamlessly view, copy, transfer and save files between iOS devices, personal or work computers, and popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs.
  • Copy, move, and save files or folders from remote computers directly onto the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for offline viewing

A version of the new LogMeIn app for Android smartphones and tablets is planned for 2012. The existing LogMeIn Ignition app is available in the Android Market for $29.99.

LogMeIn will keep Ignition for iPad/iPhone in the Apple App Store to support existing Ignition customers, and has updated the app to include HD remote control and HD streaming from their computers to their iOS device. These new capabilities, as well as the app's existing premium features are available to Ignition users at no additional cost and do not require LogMeIn Pro subscriptions.


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