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Boost 3GB total data offer EXTENDED to 30 March 2015!


Boost’s offer to give 3GB total on the $40 UNLTD plan is extended to 30 March 2015 when paying by credit/debit card of Paypal brings a bonus 500MB smile to my dial.

Boost’s $40 UNLTD customers are getting an extra and welcome boost of data for the first three months of 2015.

In November last year, Boost took its $40 UNLTD plan that came with 2GB of data to use per 30 days (alongside unlimited calls to Australian landlines, mobiles, 13/18 numbers and SMS/MMS messages), and boosted that 2GB to 2.5GB

Then, later that same week, Boost rolled out another special offer, taking the just boosted 2.5GB data per 30 days and giving $40 UNLTD customers an additional 500MB to use per 30 days. 

That original deal was meant to expire on 26 Jan 2015, but a text message I received at 11.59am on 16 Jan 2015 says the following:

“Great news! Offer extended. BONUS 500MB when u rechg $40 UNLTD using credit card on ur mobile/online. Ends 30Mar. Optout 1800039059’.

Clicking on that link, we’re taken to a page that is headlined ‘ONLINE BONUS get an EXTRA 500MB when you recharge online.’

‘Limited Time Offer, 500MB bonus data when recharging $40 online or on mobile’.

‘Awesome news, from 3rd November 2014 till 30th March 2015, Boost Mobile customers can get a bonus 500MB (Maximum 3GB in total) when they recahrge $40 UNLTD online or via their handset using their credit card/debit card or payroll account’.

Now, for the month of December, I’d actually forgotten about the credit card/debit card/Paypal requirement.

My $40 plan’s 30 days was up, and as I was in a petrol store buying fuel, I also asked for a $40 recharge voucher, even though I have my credit card details programmed into Boost’s memory.

This explains why I -didn’t- get the extra 500MB data in December after I had received it in November (where I had paid by card).

So, as always, it’s important to remember the conditions upon which a deal is offered, and it’s important to take up that deal so that you qualify for the bonus data!

My next 30 days ends on Jan 25, which was one day before the current deal was meant to end, but it’s great to see that this has been extended until 30 March 2015.

I imagine this might be one way to respond to Amaysim’s recent announcement that it is finally moving to offer Optus 4G around ‘Easter 2015’ as reported here

The Amaysim announcement hinted that 4G would be offered on different plans, which suggests you might not be able to get 4G on Amaysim’s current $44.90 plan with unlimited calls and 5GB of data via the Optus 3G network, which is nowhere near as fast as Telstra’s 3G/Next G network - which is what Boost uses to deliver its current 3GB total deal.

So… the war of the MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators) is finally hotting up once again in 2015, which is great news for prepaid customers who love finding the best prepaid deals.

It also potentially brings us closer to the time that Boost Mobile has to go 4G, too.

Boost has made no announcements and I’m just speculating, but in a world where Telstra has already gone beyond mere 4G LTE to already deliver its even faster 4GX, which is LTE-A or LTE-Advanced, the time will surely come when Boost boosts itself with the 4G booster shot.

Until then, Boost still rules the roost as the best value prepaid MVNO operator on the fastest network with the widest coverage and best reception, with Amaysim seeking to reclaim that position for itself with its coming 4G changes.

There’s never been a better time to be a prepaid customer!

More details on Boost's bonus 500MB offer for $40 UNLTD customers here


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