Wednesday, 29 December 2010 15:17

Vodafail issues update on contact with Vodafone CEO


With Adam Brimo's Vodafail website and Piper Alderman's class-action lawsuit having had major media publicity, it's time for an update from the Vodafailures themselves, along with new complaints about Three Mobile. has had success in not only getting the attention of Vodafone Australia, but in also getting the attention of Vodafone's Australian CEO, Nigel Dews.

Vodafail reports that it met with Nigel Dews this morning, and given the problems the Vodafone network is having, this meeting was presumably face to face and in person, and not over a phone call which presumably wouldn't have properly connected.

We reported on the Vodafail website and the separate class-action lawsuit from Piper Alderman in yesterday's story on the topic, and already, there have been some comments from Three Mobile customers (a phone company now owned by Vodafone) who also complain of poor reception, wondering why Three Mobile isn't also the recipient of a Threefail type of website.

Looking at's site earlier today, it was funny to see someone note that the Australian Cricket Team, sponsored by Vodafone, was yet another 'Vodafail', but hey, I think we can squarely blame Ricky Ponting and the rest of the Australian something team for the disaster.

Something team? Yes, something team - heck, whatever it was they were playing, it didn't look like cricket to me!

Then I noticed that there was a 'breaking update' from Vodafail's Adam Brimo, dated today, the 29th of December, 2010.

Here Mr Brimo states: 'I started this website hoping to gain the attention of Vodafone so that they acknowledge our problems and get them resolved.'

Continued on page two, please read on!

Vodafail's Adam Brimo's update continues: 'This morning I took your complaints and suggestions to Vodafone CEO Nigel Dews.

'He and his team are well aware of our issues and are focusing on how to solve them.

'It is now up to Vodafone to announce how and when your specific problems will be solved.

'Vodafone has clearly taken notice however this website will remain open until our main issues are resolved.

'I am appreciative and humbled by the support and coverage this website has acheived (sic) yet it is a testament to your complaints and contributions.

'We understand that this may be a frustrating time for customers however please remember to be calm and respectful to Vodafone employees and each other.

'We cannot personally resolve any of your issues but we can keep you informed and direct you to the right people.'

So'¦ Vodafail appears to be making progress in helping people get results for themselves and in making Vodafone more accountable for its actions.

Best of luck to you if you are an affected Vodafone or Three Mobile customer!



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