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VIDEO Interviews and review: Flexiroam X in action


Friday last week, I caught up with Flexiroam managing director, Jef Ong, who along with Jason Khoo, vice-president of business development, gave me a personal demo on how Flexiroam X works.

Last week, I wrote about the launch of Flexiroam X, which promises a very flexible new world of inexpensive data roaming in 100 countries, with an ability to earn and bank up to 100GB of data.

That article is entitled ‘Flexiroam X promises uncanny new world of data roaming,’ and you can read it here

However, I was informed that Jef and Jason were in Australia last week and this one too and was I invited to see Flexiroam X in action live, and to catch up!

So, I did just that, and made two video recordings of our encounter, first with Jef and then with Jason.

I was very keen to try the Flexiroam X service, as I am currently in Las Vegas, about to attend Pegaworld 2016, as a guest of Pegasystems – which I'll have more to write about during the week. 

So far, the Flexiroam X experience has been very smooth, giving me access to AT&T 3G data so I could use my phone as normal. There was a slight hitch with tethering but a quick bit of thinking solved the problem within a couple of minutes, as you'll se below. 

Article and videos continue below this image, please read on!

The Flexiroam X app has included very simple instructions on what to do to activate the APN and commence the process, and if I read the vey simple instructions, I would have had wired or wireless tethering up and running, but instead, I was seeing a message to contact my operator. 

Guessing that personal hotspot is a feature that would have been available, I simply fiddled in the app and settings and realised I could set the "flexiroam" APN for tethering on my iPhone, with the APN something you needed to set up in the first place for data, replacing the default word "pepper" listed as the APN.

Doing that meant the "Personal Hotspot" feature was now active, and working beautifully. 

Durign the video with Jason, which you'll see below, Jef and Jason also very generously offered to give iTWire readers 500MB of extra bonus data, simply by typing in the word 'ITWIRE' in. On the app's dashboard on the lower left corner is a large button called 'Unlock FREE DATA.'

You see this screen in the setup process (and in the video below), but it's also where you can 'Apply Promo Code' to 'unlock free data', so tap that button, and a screen slides over letting you type in ITWIRE or other codes to get that free bonus data. 

There's also the XLAUNCH code that the app tells you about which gives you your first 500MB data bonus. 

You do have to switch between using your "home network" and the "Flexiroam X" SIM sticker (that sits atop your existing SIM) and you can't use both at the same time, but it is still a very handy system with inexpensive data that is a LOT more convenient that switching between different SIMS. 

Also, if your phone has two SIM slots, like some Android models do, you can put the Flexiroam X SIM onto even a disused SIM and use your regular number and Flexiroam data simultaneously, although that option does not exist on iPhones. 

One other tiny glitch was that the Flexiroam X app stopped loading, but a quick check of the App Store saw a Flexiroam X app update to 2.0.1, which naturally solved the problem with the app launch problem immediately. 

Also while this review has been iOS-centric, Flexiroam X is definitely available for Android users too, so virtually all travellers with an iPhone or Android are able to test the service out for themselves. 

So, a new roaming data provider has been born, and the rounds of competition continue!

Now, onto the first video, where Jef Ong and I talk about the Flexiroam X launch.

Then in this second video, Jason Khoo shows me how the SIM is applied, and what very simple steps you have to take to activate the service, get some free data immediately and apply the SIM stick to your existing SIM card.

This last video is the Flexiroam X corporate video explaining how it all works:


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