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3SIXT makes a case for the Note – and a few other things


Aussie brand 3SIXT is ready to protect, charge, or make using your Samsung Galaxy Note7 easier (or almost any other brand and model as well).

The Cellnet Group member was one of the first to deliver two styles of case, two USB-C chargers, two screen protectors, and two USB-C cables, especially for the GN7. iTWire has completed a hands-on review, and all are well-made and well-priced – as we have come to expect of this value brand.

3SIXT has been a success story for its parent Cellnet that also distributes INCIPIO, OtterBox, Lifeproof, Plantronics, Lexar, Braven, ZAGG, Striiv, samanos, kate spade, and tech21 – in categories covering memory, smartphone accessories, cases, cables, audio, gadgets, home automation and power.

So look for the distinctive red, white and black branding at most telcos, major retailers, newsagents, Australia Post, and corner stores.


3SIXT bumper3SIXT PureFlex Case ($19.95): A transparent polycarbonate, impact-resistant, shock absorbing, rear and edge protection cover. It helps minimise drop and daily handling damage. Pros: low cost, effective, lightweight (20g), allows wireless charge, good grip.






3SIXT FLIP3SIXT Slim Folio ($29.95): Smart-looking protection in a slim design. It is a rubberised flip cover with two business card slots attached to a PureFlex case above. Pros: Good protection, good grip, acts as a horizontal stand, business/credit cards, allows wireless charge. Cons: 12g heavier than Samsung’s S View flip cover ($69) that allows the use of always on display. Black only.

Screen protectors

3SIXT Edge-to-Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector (A$39.95): Edge-to-edge screen protection that fits perfectly to the contour. Pros: good added protection although the Note7 has Gorilla Glass 5. Does not impede a case. Probably a wise investment for a $1349 device where glass replacement probably means screen replacement as well. Works with the S Pen.

3SIXT’s Clear Screen Protector ($14.95): A two pack of ultra-thin, optically clear, plastic with good touch sensitivity. Could be good to give added protection when using the S Pen.

USB-C Chargers/Cables/Power Bank

3SIXT AC3SIXT AC Charger Dual USB-C and USB-A ($39.95): Lightweight, small, 5V/3A USB-C and 5V/2.4A supports faster charging and tablets. Pros: Only takes up one slot on a power board. Dual rear facing outlets. Cons: need to buy additional USB-C to USB-C cable.


3SIXT CIG CHARGE3SIXT Car Charger Dual USB-C and USB-A (A$24.95): Full size 70mm long cigarette lighter adaptor with 5V/3A USB-C and 5V/2.4A USB-A supports faster charging of smartphones and tablets. Pro: Dual ports. Cons: need to buy additional USB-C to USB-C cable.

Both chargers appeared to deliver full amperage rating in dual port mode e.g. 2.4+3=5A but have max 3.4A (total) output stamped on them. Let's just say they powered and recharged both a Note7 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at the same time without issues. This is typical of a great many lower cost chargers so if you are looking for non-shared amperage on each port you will need to look elsewhere.

3SIXT USB Type-C 3.1 Charge and data Sync up to 10Gbp.

  • 1.0m – USB-C to USB-A ($34.95)
  • 1.0m – USB-C to USB-C ($39.95)

Power Bank (Note7 has 3500mAh battery)

3SIXT JETPAK3SIXT’s branding is JetPak and these range from 4000 slimline to 13200mAh big ones. I reviewed the 4000mAh slimline ($28.95) with 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A outlets. It is 120 x 67 x 10mm x 120g. Full recharge time using a 2.1A charger was two hours. Four indicator LEDs denote percentage charge in 25% increments.

It will provide sufficient power to recharge the Note in about two hours. It is rated for at least 500 recharges. Pros: Ideal for Pokémon Go players, light weight. Cons: requires the purchase of a USB-A to USB-C cable or use the one that comes with the Note7.


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