David Heath

David Heath

David Heath has had a long and varied career in the IT industry having worked as a Pre-sales Network Engineer (remember Novell NetWare?), General Manager of IT&T for the TV Shopping Network, as a Technical manager in the Biometrics industry, and as a Technical Trainer and Instructional Designer in the industrial control sector. In all aspects, security has been a driving focus. Throughout his career, David has sought to inform and educate people and has done that through his writings and in more formal educational environments.
For some years, researchers have been able to demonstrate that the primary encryption scheme for GSM phones had “issues.”  Presentations in the past week at two major security conferences have turned those issues into an effective hardware solution.
Sunday, 17 February 2008 16:08

RIAA, MPAA: Be Careful what you Wish For

Schemes are being hatched to make it harder and harder to download copyrighted material across the internet.  Seems they will be just as successful as the method to stop people recording CDs to tape in the “old days.”  And just as ludicrous.
Monday, 11 February 2008 14:22

It's MY Computer

Nothing’s changed!  Too many vendors of 3rd party software products would like to possess your computer to the greatest extent possible, even after you uninstall their software.



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