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Thursday, 03 November 2011 17:27

Govt doubles 457 visa stay to six years

The Gillard Government has re-jigged its 457 visa program, with the Immigration Department speeding up processing times for employers seeking to bring in foriegn workers and doubling to six years the duration of the long-stay visa.

Thursday, 03 November 2011 09:02

Australian govt must assist Assange: QC

The Australian Government is now duty bound to assist WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to ensure he gets a fair trial on rape allegations in Sweden, according to his advising counsel and international human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson.

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 17:29

Assange being thrown to wolves: Greens

The federal Opposition has voted with Labor in the Senate to defeat a Greens motion that sought to force Government to intervene in legal proceedings against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, to ensure he is not subject to extradition to the US.




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