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Text messaging rather than talking over the phone is now preferred by many Australians, according to a new survey which found that 56% of Aussie adults avoid making phone calls, turning instead to messaging apps or even email.


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Well here is some news that may come as a surprise. NBN Co says older Australians are the fastest-growing online learners. The national broadband wholesaler claims Australians connected to the nbn "are twice as likely to enrol in online learning courses" and that older Australians are getting in on the action, too.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has claimed that he had no knowledge of a plan to build a censored search engine for the Chinese market before it was leaked to media. His claim was made during an employees' meeting that ended in an anti-climax after it was discovered that someone was leaking the proceedings to a reporter who was live-tweeting it.

Internet Australia, which claims to represent its members and not the industry, has changed its voting procedures ahead of its annual general meeting which is scheduled to be held in either October or November.

Small ISP Aussie Broadband is calling on the Federal Government to fund changes so that townships are moved from wireless on to the fixed line portion of the NBN.

A former employee of Indian IT outsourcing company HCL has filed a suit, claiming that the firm discriminates against non-Indian workers and games the American H-1B visa system.


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