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Microsoft has dropped numbers from the names of its new Surface Pro range. Now it is not the Surface Pro 5 – just the next generation of the Surface Pro – for convenience let’s call it 2017.


Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei is rapidly building marketshare in the global smartphone market selling 34 million handsets in the first quarter of this year as it closes in on Apple, while market leader Samsung sees its marketshare continuously declining.

Researchers from the Chaos Computer Club say they have successfully defeated the iris recognition system on the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 using a dummy eye that is simple to make.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the anti-virus/malware/cyber security company of the same name started his keynote speech at CeBIT with the old “good and bad news” gambit.

Researchers at the Israeli security firm Check Point say they have discovered a method whereby an attacker can gain entry into a victim's digital device through subtitles which are used by different streaming players.

Australian battery specialist Redflow has deployed its zinc-bromide flow batteries in a dairy farm in the Netherlands allowing the farm to self-produce solar energy that can support its milk production.



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