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NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow has put the onus for slow speeds on consumers, telling ABC interviewers this morning that people needed to find out what speed tier they were on before complaining that they were getting slower speeds than their former ADSL connections.


The failure of Windows Phone was avoidable, but Microsoft's culture made it inevitable, according to a former Apple chief executive, Jean-Louis Gassée.

In the era of mobile phones and smartphones many Australians still find it difficult to give up their trusty landline phone services, with a new survey revealing that 55% of Australians still have a landline phone.

Google and Facebook together accounted for 99% of the online advertising industry's growth last year, according to the Canadian research firm Pivotal Research. And together these two companies have done much to decimate traditional journalism.

WikiLeaks has released details of tools that can be used on OS X and Linux systems in its ongoing Vault 7 dump of documents that have leaked from the CIA.


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