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With iPad, who needs a computer?

Apple has launched a fun minute-long video looking at a teenager using an iPad all throughout the day, with an insightful question posed right at the end.

Intel's 5G 'new radio modems' hail iPhone 5G future

It's no secret that Apple and Qualcomm aren't friends anymore, with Intel reported to power future iPhones with upcoming 5G modems as it announces its XMM 8000 series family of 5G modem tech.

Red Hat OpenStack platform 12 imminent, paves way for Kubernetes in platform 13

Enterprise Linux vendor, Red Hat, is poised to release its OpenStack Platform 12. It’s the first step in a longer vision to ultimately deploy via Kubernetes. 

Microsoft releases open source SQL Server DevOps tool for Linux, Mac

Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio is a Windows-only product, meaning developers and admins who preferred other operating systems had to find alternate tools, until now with the preview release of SQL Operations Studio.

Pentagon intelligence op leaks data through Amazon servers

Billions of posts scraped from the Internet in what appears to be an US Department of Defence intelligence-gathering operation have been exposed to the public through misconfigured Amazon Web Services S3 repositories.

Rudd blames News Corp ties for 'sub-standard' Coalition NBN

Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd claims the Coalition Government changed its NBN policy to ensure "a sub-standard network" due to its "cosy relationship" with the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corporation.

MyRepublic hit by carrier issues, speeds down for 13 hours

Small ISP MyRepublic has been dogged by speed issues from 6.30am AEST on Saturday, due to what it says are problems with its upstream carrier. The issues appear to have been fixed as of 7.45pm AEST.

Team Arrow to bring world first clean electric car to market

Step over, Tesla. Team Arrow, an Australian non-profit, high-tech, renewable energy think-tank is bringing its solar-powered race car to the streets.

ABC leaks sensitive data through misconfigured S3 bucket

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has leaked data online through two improperly secured Amazon Web Services S3 repositories, according to the Kromtech Security Centre.

Lessons (or not) on spinning an email from Microsoft

The Redmond-based software giant has inadvertently provided tips on how to structure a campaign email, after what is undoubtedly an embarrassing gaffe by its marketing team.

Sue Laver, Telstra

Telstra has appointed its deputy group general counsel, Sue Laver, as company secretary in a straight swap with current legal counsel deputy Damien Coleman.

No more data breach details will be released: Deloitte

Accountancy firm Deloitte says it will not be releasing any more details about the data breach that it suffered in March this year.

Rackspace completes Datapipe acquisition deal

Rackspace has completed its acquisition of managed services provider Datapipe in a move described as the largest acquisition in the company’s history.

Software taking over, but hardware still has a role: Linux expert

The tech industry is heading towards a stage where self service for standard IT requirements will become a norm, helped by the increase in software-defined infrastructure, a senior engineer from SUSE Linux claims.

IBM, Packet Clearing, Cyber Alliance collaborate on Internet security

IBM Security, Packet Clearing House and The Global Cyber Alliance have collaborated to launch a free global service they say is designed to give consumers and businesses added privacy and security protection when they access the Internet.

Oracle issues urgent update to patch remote exploits

Oracle has released an out-of-schedule critical update to patch five issues found in the Jolt server within Oracle Tuxedo.

Hackers use Windows remote desktop tool to gain entry

Malicious attackers are using Windows Remote Desktop Protocol to sneak into PCs and run ransomware on it themselves, rather than infect devices remotely, it has been claimed.

Kaspersky details claims of how NSA secrets were stolen

In its continuing bid to provide what it sees as proof that it has no nexus with the Russian Government, Kaspersky Lab has released a detailed report about a 2014 incident which was reported by US media and used to cast aspersions on the company.

Optus launches website to provide SMBs with information

Optus has set up an interactive and collaborative website that connects small- and medium-sized business owners and their employees to help them sort out common business issues.

Sydney CBD workers reap benefits of ever hotter smartphone competition

If you work or visit the Sydney CBD, the best flagship smartphone stores are battling it out to give you the best experience in the hope of gaining you as a new customer

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