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Bowen describes COVIDSafe app as a waste of $2 million

14 July 2020 in Health

Australian Labor Party health spokesman Chris Bowen has labelled the COVIDSafe app a $2 million failure, saying that despite all…

Westpac, NBN Co, Cisco collaborate on new technology rollout across bank branches

14 July 2020 in Deals

Banking group Westpac is collaborating with NBN Co and Cisco to rollout new technology in all its branches across Australia,…

Webcentral, formerly Melbourne IT, finally drifts into American ownership

14 July 2020 in Deals

The Webcentral Group, the firm once known as Melbourne IT and later as the Arq Group, has entered into a…

TechnologyOne denies allegations it inflated profits in audited results

14 July 2020 in Enterprise Solutions

Australian enterprise software firm TechnologyOne has denied allegations made by Hong Kong-based GMT Research that it inflated its profits in…

Telstra's name suddenly missing from list of ASPI cyber centre sponsors

13 July 2020 in Open Sauce

The name of Australia's number one telco, Telstra Corporation, has suddenly gone missing from the list of sponsors of the…

Optus offers 'unlimited data for a day' top-ups

13 July 2020 in Mobility

Optus mobile users now have the option of paying $5 for 24 hours of unlimited data when they need it.

Xenophon asks why Telstra not facing queries over 5G gear source

13 July 2020 in Government Tech Policy

Former Independent senator Nick Xenophon has put the cat among the pigeons, pointing out that while Chinese vendor Huawei has…

Huawei seeks delay in removal of gear from UK networks: report

13 July 2020 in Government Tech Policy

The management of Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies have requested a meeting with an aide to British Prime Minister…

Johnson resigns as ACS CEO

12 July 2020 in IT Industry

Australian Computer Society CEO Andrew Johnson has resigned. The unexpected move follows months of turmoil in the organisation and may…

More heads should roll, say Clarke and Goldsworthy

12 July 2020 in IT Industry

Two of the leaders of the dissident Rescue Your ACS group have issued public statements after CEO Andrew Johnson’s resignation,…

Tata outsourcing chief slams Trump order on work visas

12 July 2020 in Outsourcing

An American executive order on H-1B visas will only hit US firms badly, as it will prevent intra-company transfers by…

Russian firm's report forces US to drop secrecy over hacker's indictment

12 July 2020 in Security

Singapore-based Russian security firm Group-IB has placed itself squarely in the crosshairs of the US Government by revealing exhaustive details…

UK to set 2025 deadline for stripping out Huawei gear from networks: report

12 July 2020 in Government Tech Policy

The British Government will reportedly set a deadline of 2025 for the removal of gear made by Chinese telecommunications equipment…

Ransomware suspected in attack on Canada Defence Academy

11 July 2020 in Security

The website and email systems of Canada's Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, part of the country's National Defence department,…

Australia's open-source CMS held up well under sustained COVID-19 traffic: claim

11 July 2020 in Open Source

The Australian Government's Drupal-based content management system GovCMS, built by Boston-based open source firm Acquia, has been able to withstand…

Canalys global 2Q PC shipment figures close to those of other firms

11 July 2020 in Development

Close on the heels of technology analyst firms IDC and Gartner releasing figures on the global shipments of traditional PCs…

Get Gizmo to refund customers charged during ‘cooling off’ period, says ACCC

10 July 2020 in Technology Regulation

Electronics retailer Get Gizmo will offer to refund approximately 4,000 customers who were charged for unsolicited purchases before the 10…

Data demand on National Broadband Network still above pre-COVID-19 levels, says NBN Co

10 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

Demand for data on the National Broadband Network remains above pre-COVID-19 levels, with downloads on the network at peak levels,…

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Supporting the back to work push: why strategic IT leadership is more important than ever in a post-coronavirus world

14 July 2020 in Business Software

GUEST OPINION by ManageEngine product consultant Ashwin Ram: As the economy reopens, IT leaders are in the hot seat, charged…

Dicker Data appointed Australian market distributor for Cohesity

14 July 2020 in Resellers

ASX-listed IT hardware, software and cloud distributor, Dicker Data has been appointed as a distributor for data management vendor Cohesity…

Cyber bureaucracy comes up with another chicken little report

14 July 2020 in Open Sauce

Australia's cyber bureaucracy appears to have been hard at work during the lockdown and has come up with what it…

Optus launches new ‘intelligent’ enterprise network platform

14 July 2020 in Business Telecommunications

Optus Business has announced a new intelligent generation platform - Liquid Infrastructure - that it says helps enterprises configure their…

India is no paradise, it has terrible flaws. Claiming otherwise does no one any good

14 July 2020 in Open Sauce

Painting India in bright hues appears to be an Australian obsession these days; there is good reason to do so,…

Emsisoft predicts about 11% of ransomware attacks will result in data theft

14 July 2020 in Security

Security firm Emsisoft says it has calculated that on average there is slightly more than a one in ten chance…

Despite hurdles, Huawei reports revenues rose in first half of 2020

14 July 2020 in Business Telecommunications

Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies says its revenue for the first half of calendar 2020 was 451.7 billion Chinese…


14 July 2020 in Resellers

STRATEGIC ALLIANCE ANNOUNCEMENT: ANATAS, an FTS Group company and award-winning software integrations provider for the APAC region, has today announced…

MSI Creator 15: An Ultimate Laptop For Content Creators with an Ultimate Battery

13 July 2020 in Computers & peripherals

REVIEW PROMOTION In recent years, digital designers latched onto gaming laptops because they offered the best combination of power and…

CBA claims Benefits finder has saved customers more than $153m

13 July 2020 in Home Tech

The Commonwealth Bank claims its Benefits finder feature, added to its app and online nationally last September, had saved customers…

Optus Sport offers its full range through LG Smart TV app

13 July 2020 in Entertainment

Telco Singtel Optus says its sports offerings will be available through the LG Smart TV app store from now on,…

Document Foundation looking at ways and means to pay the LibreOffice bills

13 July 2020 in Open Source

The foundation that looks after LibreOffice, a free open-source software suite that is based on the code from the former…

Kaspersky unveils endpoint security solution for smaller firms with limited expertise

13 July 2020 in Security

Russian security vendor Kaspersky has unveiled a reworked Integrated Endpoint Security solution which provided endpoint detection and response, including better…

Indian ban on Chinese tech termed 'hot-headed' in view of Beijing's market domination

13 July 2020 in Technology Regulation

India's ban on 59 Chinese apps and Delhi's hint that Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies would be excluded from…

Torvalds hopes Intel's AVX-512 extensions die a painful death

13 July 2020 in Open Source

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has expressed the hope that Intel's newly released AVX-512 extensions would "die a painful death" adding…

Celebrating individual achievements will bring Debian more visibility, says new DPL

12 July 2020 in Open Source

New Debian GNU/Linux project leader Jonathan Carter is seeking to celebrate individual achievements as part of his effort to better…

Linux kernel project changes terminology to be more inclusive

12 July 2020 in Open Source

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has signed off on a change to terminology used by the project in order to make…

ASPI on the job again, spreading FUD and begging for money

11 July 2020 in Open Sauce

The defence industry-funded lobby group, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, has many shortcomings. But it has numerous strong points too,…

8x8 and Aryaka team up for better UCaaS

10 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

An arrangement between cloud-first WAN company Aryaka and cloud communications provider 8x8 is intended to improve the performance of 8x8's…

Australian businesses ‘ignore warnings’ on cyber security vulnerabilities, claims security firm

10 July 2020 in Security

Web-application shielding service RedShield says Australian businesses and organisations should heed advice from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and…

Optus launches VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling for wholesale partners

10 July 2020 in Telecoms & NBN

Optus has announced it is offering its wholesale partners — Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) — using its mobile network,…


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Wednesday, 07 April 2010 00:59

Comcast wins 'Net Neutrality' appeal against FCC


In the past few minutes, the US Federal Appeals Court has ruled against the FCC in the emotion-charged Net Neutrality case against Comcast.

Comcast, the US' largest cable company has been involved in a bitter fight with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the principles of Net Neutrality, the essence of which would require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic.

As many commentators have described (here for instance), the FCC has been plainly overstepping its own charter in order to claim any kind of jurisdiction.

Additionally, never mind the lack of FCC credibility, the whole idea of enforced equality of data is plain stupid and would lead to the rapid and total demise of all broadband companies; for it is the very ability to discriminate between various kinds of data that permits these organisations to actually make money.

A long time ago, this author made a similar analysis of Telstra's revenue stream on the basis of the likely price of a downloaded new-release video and how the amount of data contained in that download compared with the prices charged for voice traffic.

In essence, a $AU15B revenue stream dwindled to just $AU25M; a similar argument can be mounted for all instances of variable-priced data - one ends up being forced to apply the lowest price per MB for all traffic.

One would hope this is the end of the issue, but don't be at all surprised if the FCC makes a strong representation to the US Government to 'fix' the problem.



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Denodo, the leader in data virtualisation, has announced a debate-style three-part Experts Roundtable Series, with the first event to be hosted in the APAC region.

The round table will feature high-level executives and thought leaders from some of the region’s most influential organisations.

They will debate the latest trends in cloud adoption and technologies altering the data management industry.

The debate will centre on the recently-published Denodo 2020 Global Cloud Survey.

To discover more and register for the event, please click the button below.


David Heath

David Heath has had a long and varied career in the IT industry having worked as a Pre-sales Network Engineer (remember Novell NetWare?), General Manager of IT&T for the TV Shopping Network, as a Technical manager in the Biometrics industry, and as a Technical Trainer and Instructional Designer in the industrial control sector. In all aspects, security has been a driving focus. Throughout his career, David has sought to inform and educate people and has done that through his writings and in more formal educational environments.