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IT staff would take pay cut to telework

Almost half of Australia's IT workers would take a pay cut if they could work from home. And around two in five would also take lower pay in return for flexible working hours, extra holidays or a better office location.

Technology recruitment company Robert Half Technology which conducted an IT staff survey earlier in the year, found that while most IT workers felt they were currently underpaid 48 per cent would be prepared to accept even less for the right conditions. And it's not just women (who are often prepared to accept fewer dollars in return for more flexibility to allow them to tackle family responsibilities) as 79 per cent of respondents were male.

Robert Half manager Jon Chapman, said he had just placed a contractor for $200 a day less than he might otherwise expect, in return for more flexibility. 'He could easily achieve $700 a day,' he said.

Over a six month contract that could amount to a $26,000 pay haircut in return for employee flexibility.

Mr Chapman said that IT careers were obvious candidates for teleworking and flexible arrangements but said that there was still a reticence among employers, concerned about productivity impacts. 'We are advocating employers give it a try with well defined contracts.

'It is hugely important given the skills shortage. Technology lends itself to remote working probably more than any other industry and it should be capitalised on,' he added.

He claimed that there were additional benefits for employers including a saving on office resources, and the overall environmental footprint of the business.

The survey also found that 29 per cent of employees were working more than 46 hours a week, with 35 per cent often or always feeling pressured to work even longer


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