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Smart Girls - getting women back into the ICT workforce

Balancing a high-flying ICT career with creating a family is a huge challenge for the modern woman, Mastermind Smart Girls is a new initiative with a focus on supporting and encouraging woman in the ICT industry to get back into their careers in a fulfilling way.

With a focus on providing real opportunities for women to be successful in the ICT industry by fulfilling roles that play to their strengths whilst maintaining a work life balance Smart Girls is a new initiative aimed at driving change and injecting some 'real personality' into the ICT industry.

Chairman and Founder of Mastermind Smart Girls, Fulvio Inserra has said of the launch of Mastermind Smart Girls, 'It's already hard enough these days for women to be truly successful in business, let alone to make their mark in the ICT industry. I wanted to do something positive about this and in doing so, help women carve their own niche in the ICT industry. This isn't a man versus women thing. It's more about acknowledging and leveraging the value that women can bring to the ICT industry and as a result, showing that together we can make a genuine difference in improving the strike rate for the delivery of successful project outcomes.'

Launched in January 2012, Smart Girls - which is a 100% owned subsidiary of The Mastermind Group - has identified the immediate need to fill what it has identified as a void in the ICT sector by addressing the lack of effective Project Management and Business Analysis services in the ICT industry.

'Project Management and Business Analysis skills are critical for delivering successful projects and outcomes and we believe that women are the untapped pool of natural skills and talent to address this gap in a professional, flexible and methodical way,' Mr Inserra noted.

'We believe that the natural talents that women possess will help address the void of effective communication and organisational skills that exists today in the ICT industry. For instance, women are extremely good at achieving outcomes in the most optimal way. Smart Girls is designed to foster these inherent skills whilst at the same time opening up and creating opportunities and support for other women in the work place who possess the same skill sets and talents - all of which are in high demand. Our focus is on meeting the needs of professional women by engaging them on workplace arrangements that suit their varying lifestyles,' he added.


Today, women who are choosing to have families are increasingly and consciously doing so later in life. This leads to many women leaving the workforce to have or raise their family and in doing so, taking with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that has not been shared or cultivated. While many businesses are aware of this, most are unable to facilitate the path for women to re-enter the workforce and bring their skills back into play.

Mastermind Smart Girls is committed to breaking down these barriers to entry, by creating new ways to enable enterprise and government organisations to acquire Project Management and Business Analysis capability as a service. As such, Mastermind Smart Girls have Project Managers and Business Analysts that are highly experienced and are in tune with the various workplace cultures that exist in order to deliver outcomes required by both business and ICT stakeholders.

'We make no excuse for the fact that at Smart Girls, we carefully select smart women who have proven experience and the natural instincts to master the art of building and managing the often complex array of business relationships that are so critical in delivering successful outcomes today. If you know a Smart Girl, we'd love to have her join our team and help bring value to the ICT industry,' Mr Inserra concluded


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