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IT training company, Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS), has launched a series of new training courses which it says are aimed at helping organisations turn…
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 22:26

No jobs for a quarter of 2012 IT graduates

More than 25% of Australian IT graduates from the 2012 academic year did not get jobs in their profession. What's more, those that do have…
Australian-based global consultancy, Enterprise Architects (EA), is claiming a world first with the launch of its Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) focused on enterprise architecture.
Adobe's shift from traditional perpetual licences to the Creative Cloud subscription model has been controversial in some quarters, but it has been well received by…
More than three quarters of Australians prefer to gain practical experience on the job, but less than half believe their current employer is providing them…
Despite the supposed 'skills shortage,' IT graduates fare only slightly better than average in terms of employment, and a surprisingly large proportion find themselves in…
There are fewer high level IT jobs advertised on jobs boards than at any time since GFC circa 2008, yet some self-interested parties still claim…
Global IT training company, TrainSignal, has launched  a new, subscription-based, unlimited-access online training platform  providing access to over a hundred training courses covering certification prep…
Expert C++ programmers are invited to join a free online course offered by the CPPGM Foundation. Successful completion results in C++ Grandmaster Certification.
Tuesday, 04 December 2012 12:04

Demand for postgrad IT collapses

The number of Australian IT professionals signing up for postgraduate IT courses has plunged over just one decade from 9,027 in 2001 to just 3,981.

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