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5G NORMA: 13 partners working to future-proof 5G

Nokia has announced that the telco industry and European academia have ‘joined forces to develop a multiservice mobile network architecture for the 5G era.’

Nokia says that ‘vendors, telcos, IT companies, SMEs and European academics have ‘joined forces to develop a novel, adaptive and future-proof mobile network architecture for the 5G era.’

It’s part of the 5GPPP initiative and it’s called 5G NORMA, which stands for ‘Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture.’

It will propose an end-to-end architecture that takes into consideration both Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core Network aspects.

With 5G not set to be commercially available and deployed until the year 2020, despite various attempts by network manufacturers to speed things up, it should be no surprise to hear that this 13-member consortium ‘will be working over a period of 30 months, beginning in July 2015, to meet the key objectives of creating and disseminating innovative concepts on the mobile network architecture for the 5G era.’

Given the capacity limitations of 3G networks and the growing number of 4G network users, it’s clear that ‘5G networks need to meet a wide array of diverse and extreme requirements.’

This includes the need for ‘super fast and reliable connectivity with virtually zero latency for use cases such as remote control of robots, and support for billions of sensors and things.’

In addition, 5G will also need to provide consistent and high quality connectivity for people and things.

The 5G standard isn’t yet finalised, which is good for the 5G business as various companies fight it out for ‘their standard’, including claims that 5G will transform

Thus, we will see 5G networks that ‘combine revolutionary technologies and existing mobile radio generations, as well as Wi-Fi, into a new system.’

We’ll see ‘new mobile network architecture’ which can ‘manage these complex multi-layer and multi-technology networks, and to build in flexibility even for applications that are yet to be envisioned.’

So, what exactly is 5G NORMA? Well, it is a multi service mobile network architecture designed to showcase Europe’s 5G strength, but it will “break away from the rigid legacy network paradigm.”

We will see ATM’s adapt, on demand, ‘the use of the mobile network (RAN and Core Network) resources to the service requirements, the variations of the traffic demands over time and location, and the network topology, which include the available front/backhaul capacity.’

The 5G NORMA consortium says it will unleash ‘the architecture [that]will enable unprecedented levels of network customisability to ensure that stringent performance, security, cost and energy requirements are met. It will also provide an API-driven architectural openness, fuelling economic growth through over-the-top innovation.’

Dr. Werner Mohr, Chairman of the 5GPPP Association, said: "5G is not only about new radio access technology, network architecture will play an important role as well. 5G networks will have to be programmable, software driven and managed holistically to enable a diverse range of services in a profitable way.

“With 5G NORMA, the consortium aims to ensure economic sustainability of the network operation and open opportunities for new players, while leveraging a future-proof architecture in a cost- and energy-effective way."

5G NORMA consortium members include: Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Nokia Networks, ATOS, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Azcom Technology, Nomor Research, Real Wireless and University lecturers.

Read this bitly link to Nokia’s media page for more detail on 5G NORMA’s background.


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