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Vertigan NBN reports, including cost-benefit analysis, delayed

The Vertigan panel, a government-appointed group given the onerous job of reviewing the National Broadband Network, is set to miss its July deadline for key reports, throwing telco plans into potential turmoil.

The panel, led by former Victorian Treasury secretary Michael Vertigan, was set to issue its reports by June 30 but has not yet delivered them to the ­government, and they are now unlikely to be released to the public until August.

The news won't be welcomed by industry heavyweights like Telstra, who are relying on the outcomes and recommendations to form NBN strategy and discussions.

“The two remaining reports are due to the government in coming weeks,” a spokesman for the Department of ­Communications said.

Various stakeholders made submissions to the report in past months - in its submission to the Vertigan NBN report Telstra argued in favour of its structural separation, so long as the regulatory framework of the NBN does not change too much.

Read that story here.

The Department of Communications has published the 40 submissions it received to the Government's NBN ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis and Review of Regulation Panel’. The submissions (at least the public versions) are available here.

The panel was set up under the Coalition Government and is tasked with determining the cost-benefit analysis of the NBN and with looking at future broadband technology options and regulatory structure of the NBN.

It issued an initial report last week, including 34 recommendations including a finding that ACCC, Australia's competition and consumer watchdog, should be regulated.

The report also included a number of recommendations telcos didn't agree with, including that NBN Co discriminate its services to potentially see larger players like Telstra get a discount for shifting its customer base onto the NBN.

It also recommended that vectored VDSL services should be “declared” by the ACCC and made open as a wholesale product available to rival providers.

These new reports are set to be more controversial and politically sensitive however, hence the delay.

Malcolm Turnbull inked an interim $150 million deal with Telstra back in June.


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