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1800MHz "a prime band for LTE worldwide"

  • 18 November 2011
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After being one of the first telcos in the world to roll out an LTE network at 1800MHz, Telstra is now seeing the Global Mobile Suppliers Association championing the cause.

The GSA has commissioned a report that, it says, "demonstrates the strong appeal of using 1800MHz spectrum for mobile broadband...[and] shows from practical, economic and business perspectives why 1800MHz will emerge as a prime band for LTE deployments in virtually all regions of the world, and be important for international roaming."

The report 'Embracing the 1800MHz opportunity: Driving mobile forward with LTE in the 1800MHz band' was sponsored by Telstra, its Hong Kong subsidiary CSL, Deutsche Telekom, Elisa, Qualcomm and StarHub. It was prepared for GSA by Innovation Observatory.

According to the GSA "Operators in all regions except North America are deploying or trialling LTE in 1800MHz spectrum, and operators in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region have launched commercial LTE services in this band."

GSA president, Alan Hadden, said: "This report provides the clearest signals to investors, policy-makers and all stakeholders about the expanding opportunities being driven by the global interest in LTE1800, backed by at least 23 firm deployment commitments."

He said that device availability was increasing rapidly but called on device vendors "to accelerate the availability of their LTE products for all segments and include operation in 1800MHz to avoid limiting the development of the market."

The report also calls on regulators to accelerate efforts to enable refarming of spectrum in the 1800MHz band. "This is underway, but regulators should redouble their efforts to remove barriers as swiftly as possible," it says.

At present the report is available only to GSA member organisations and network operators.

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