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Friday, 16 April 2010 08:26

AAPT streamlines business product creation with ActiveVOS


AAPT has implemented Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS business process management (BPM) platform to streamline the creation and delivery of its range of carrier and business grade communications services.

These include point-to-point ethernet, layer 2 VPN, Internet access, IP virtual private networks and SIP trunking services.

AAPT has made a number of acquisitions over the last several years (including Powertel and RequestDSL) that left it with multiple legacy systems, and it has consolidated these using a services oriented architecture approach.

According to Active Endpoints, with ActiveVOS, customer orders - placed directly or by account managers - are routed into AAPT's services-based business process layer, decomposed into separate processes that are then orchestrated to complete the order.

David Yuile, AAPT's COO told ExchangeDaily: "ActiveVOS is a very important because it allows us to deliver a high degree of automation." for our products which means quicker and more error-free delivery, and the complexity of these products needs to be obscured from the customer."

"We launched carrier services some time ago. We have recently launched Business E-Line [point to point ethernet] and E-Lan [point to multipoint ethernet] and we are about to launch carrier E-Line and E-Lan. We are already delivering these services as trials. We have an IP-VPN product we are launching as well."

Yuile added: "The ethernet and IP VPN products are just the first ones out of the box. There will be lots of others to follow. Because of what we have done these will be much quicker. We have dramatically compressed the product development cycle'¦One product that would have taken us nine months to develop we were able to do in three."


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One product that Yuile said was "selling like hot cakes" is a service that delivers symmetrical ethernet at up to 40Mbps over copper by bonding together up to eight copper pairs. AAPT is equipped to deliver the service from 120 Telstra exchanges and will soon go to 145, Yuile said. "The people who are buying it cannot get fibre. The typical speed people are buying is 10Gbps."

AAPT's implementation of ActiveVOS will also enable a higher degree of customer self service, according to Yuile. "We have just released a new version of our online portal, Frontier, and that will be easily integrated because it is based on services oriented architecture. There is a lot more coming on the customer facing side around self service, better communications and tighter integration."

He said that AAPT had spent about 18 months implementing ActiveVOS, with much work being needed to enable all systems with which it needs to communicate to be web services oriented.

There are no plans at present to use ActiveVOS for consumer products. "We use a similar system but it is more proprietary [than ActiveVOS]," Yuile said.

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