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National broadband company, Internode, has taken its first terabyte ADSL2+ plan to the market today with a launch-day sweetener of $30 off the originally announced price, at the same as delivering large data boosts for most of its other broadband plans.

According to Internode managing director, Simon Hackett, the company's new T-Shirt plans, labelled with sartorial sizes ranging from S to XXL, offer 'generous new quotas to data-hungry customers - completely free of any off-peak impediments!'

Between announcing its new big-gigabyte (GB) plans last week and today's launch, Hackett says Internode has sharpened its pencil to deliver even more value for both existing and new customers.

'First up is Internode's true one-terabyte plan, Internode Easy Broadband XXL, with a 1000GB data quota and no off-peak limits, now costing just $119.95 a month when bundled with a NodeLine phone service.

'Next, Internode has trebled the data quota available at its most popular price point for ADSL2+ broadband. The new Internode Easy Broadband S (Small) plan, which costs $49.95 when bundled, now includes a massive 150GB of monthly quota. This compares to the 50GB per month quota offered at the same price by the previous entry-level Easy Broadband plan, which is now 'grandfathered' (that is, maintained for existing customers, but not offered for sale).'

Hackett says the company has also introduced the Easy Broadband M plan with a 250GB data quota ($69.95 bundled) and Easy Broadband L with a 350GB data quota ($89.95 bundled), and for customers with big data appetites, it also provides the 600GB XL plan for $99.95 (bundled) as well as the true-terabyte XXL plan.

According to Hackett, the improved pricing and data quotas over the plans announced last week was part of Internode's commitment to its customers. 'An important differentiator for Internode's T-Shirt plan range is that you can use your Internode data quota whenever you want. That's in contrast to most high-end market plans that have split their quota into peak and off peak amounts, with the off peak only available for a minority of the time.'

Hackett says that, along with these new plans, Internode will release new analogue telephone services called NodeLine HomePlus and NodeLine BizPlus, and within the next month, the company intends to introduce other new Internode Easy Broadband options, designed to meet the needs of SOHO customers, and to revise its high quality DSL plans for Business customers.


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