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iiNet taps IBM's 'Smarter Computing' to manage customer data

  • 13 December 2012
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iiNet has deployed a range of new IBM processors and storage systems from its Smarter Computing portfolio to manage its growing database of subscriber information, which is built on IBM's DB2 database software.

According to Doug Brown, IBM's vice president of marketing for smarter computing and for the Power Systems and System z brands, Smarter Computing represent IBM's view of the IT infrastructure required to enable the opportunities of a smarter planet.

"Smarter Computing represents the key elements of IT that enterprises need today to be tomorrow ready," Brown said in an IBM blog. "That means to leverage cloud, unlock the power of big data and secure critical information."

iiNet's implementation of IBM Smart Computing follows sharp growth in its customer base following a string of acquisitions that was placing additional demand on the company's data management infrastructure. . iiNet now has approximately 1.7 million broadband, telephone and subscription TV services.

"iiNet will supplement its two Perth-based data centres with IBM Power Systems and advanced storage systems to help ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness of its services," IBM said.

"The chosen approach will see IBM provide iiNet with three IBM Power 750 systems and IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems each, to sustain both its existing data centres as well as a third development node for additional systems redundancy....

"IBM's overall solution will assist in managing iiNet's ballooning data volume to enhance their response times for regular database queries providing faster customer service."

iiNet hopes to use cost and time savings from improved systems performance to further integrate its recent acquisitions into its core business model and to scale the system to handle future customer growth.

Matt Toohey, iiNet's general manager information services, said: "The IBM solution is fast with minimal risk during migration. A live trial of IBM's rigorous proof-of-concept gave us confidence in their solution's longevity for dealing with ongoing data growth."


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