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Telcoinabox to resell Engin VoIP services

  • 17 January 2011
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Telecommunications wholesaler and franchisor, Telcoinabox, is to resell Engin's (ASX: ENG) SIP trunks, consumer VoIP services and hosted PBX services to businesses.

The move is Telcoinabox's first serious entry into VoIP services, The white-label Engin products will be available to all of Telcoinabox's 110 Australian service providers by April 2011.

Telcoinabox CEO Paul Line, told ExchangeDaily "We do have a standard VoIP services that we put together ourselves but it is more of a consumer product and does not have the functionality we want to offer to business."

Line said: "This is our most important product launch yet. While VoIP and hosted PBX technology is not new, adoption to date has been strongest among residential and enterprise markets and slow among SMEs, which is our service providers' major market'¦ [According to] an internal survey, over 90 percent of our service providers felt that the time was right to go to market with these products."

Telcoinabox said it had selected Engin "After an extensive review of potential wholesale vendors'¦for its reliable platform, clear development upgrade path, full B2B connectivity for provisioning and service management, flexibility to white-label and cultural fit between the two companies."

Engin general manager sales, Jack McKeon, added: "We like what Telcoinabox offers and see them as a partner more so than just another customer. Telcoinabox has a unique and very successful go-to-market model, which prioritises both customer service and value for money, which we are very pleased to support."

The two companies say they are in the process of identifying additional opportunities to work together, including joint venture arrangements. Line told ExchangeDaily that the two had looked at the possibility of sharing infrastructure down the track, but said there were no plans for any customer-facing joint venture.

"When we hit certain scale triggers it may make sense for us to invest in some shared infrastructure."


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Engin's VoIP products are provided on a BroadSoft platform. The company launched these products in February 2010, at which time McKeon told ExchangeDaily that the company had not installed its own BroadSoft platform but was using one operated by a third party. ExchangeDaily understands this to be AAPT's.

McKeon said at the time: "We put a lot of work into moving our entire customer base onto BroadSoft. There are innumerable different vendors' hardware on the network so there was a lot of testing. We spent about nine months and moved all our customers over in October [2009]." Previously he said the company had used its own Cisco-based platform.

BroadSoft launched, in October 2010, BroadCloud, billing it as "a comprehensive set of unified communications (UC) services, enabling carriers to offer enterprise customers a branded UC solution, as well as new online marketplace distribution options."

Line said that Telcoinabox and Engin would likely offer some of these services down the track but were initially focused on expanding the basic VoIP services to include call centre and conferencing functionality.

"We have been in discussing regarding those services but at present it is not clear what those might be or how they would be delivered."

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