Tuesday, 08 February 2005 18:30

News Roundup extra 8 Feb 2005

Divisions on state of IT jobs market In the AustralianIT today (8 Feb.) James Riley reports on what he says is a technology sector divided…
Thursday, 03 February 2005 18:00

News Roundup 3 February 2005

Google earnings exceed expectations Google fourth-quarter profit surged to a sevenfold increase, accelerating the financial gains that have quickly turned the online search engine leader…
Tuesday, 01 February 2005 09:00

News Roundup 1 February 2005

Search sites in intense competition The New York Times reports (31 Jan.) that perhaps the fiercest competition on the internet these days is among sites…
Monday, 31 January 2005 20:00

News Roundup 31 January 2005

Plugged In: US internet telephony takes the spotlightThe battle between the the old telephone technology and internet telephony (VoIP) is expected to heat up in…
Friday, 28 January 2005 20:00

News Roundup 28 January 2005

IBM China deal faces scrutiny over security IBM's plan to sell its personal computer business to Lenovo of China hit a political speed bump in…
Wednesday, 02 February 2005 18:00

News Roundup 2 February 2005

Hewlett-Packard reports advance in molecular-scale device Hewlett-Packard researchers are set to report that they have created a molecular-scale alternative to the transistor. The device could…
Thursday, 27 January 2005 20:00

News Roundup 27 January 2005

Microsoft to launch anti-piracy initiativeMicrosoft will combat piracy of its flagship operating system by requiring Windows users to verify that their copy of the software…
Monday, 24 January 2005 20:00

News Roundup 24 January 2005

AT&T's strategic shift For many many years, AT&T was known as America's premier phone company, but The New York Times reports (22 Jan.) that AT&T…
Friday, 21 January 2005 19:00

News Roundup 21 January 2005

Mobile phone market to soar in '05 The global mobile phone market is set to grow to 2 billion subscribers by the end of 2005,…
Wednesday, 19 January 2005 19:00

News Roundup 19 January 2005

Purloined domain name: an unsolved mystery Australian company - Melbourne IT has found out this week how vulnerable a company's brand name can be in…



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