Google tries hand at buying another phone company: HTC

Ok, ok, so it’s a US$1.1 billion “co-operation agreement” with Google getting some HTC staff and a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property, but let’s face it, this is Google’s second phone company purchase.

MGM Wireless secures deal for WA schools rollout

South Australian-based school attendance solutions group, MGM Wireless, has secured a deal with the Western Australian Education Department for the rollout of its Outreach+ and School Star App communication services to all WA government schools.

Hills partners with Cognizant on digital transformation

Australian-listed IT services group Hills has initiated a digital transformation of its business in partnership with professional services firm Cognizant in a move designed to revitalise the company’s e-commerce capabilities and improve core business processes, customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

NBN Co’s new tech lab aimed at improving user experience

NBN Co has set up a tech lab which it claims will transform the national broadband network experience for end-users of the network by helping to resolve issues sooner.

Apple, Dell and Bain likely buyers of Toshiba flash memory unit

A consortium comprising Apple, Dell Technologies and Bain Capital has reportedly agreed to acquire Toshiba's NAND flash memory manufacturing unit.

Telcos using few NBN Co fixed-wireless towers

Australian telecommunications companies have co-located equipment only on a few of the NBN Co's fixed wireless towers so far, the company says.

Network slicing pays off: Ericsson shows how

Ericsson says “network slicing has the potential to offer economic benefits in terms of higher revenues and lower operating expenditures, if operational automation and a step change in the number of operator service launches is assumed".

Samsung becomes corporate member of OPC’s Industrial IoT edge platform

Samsung is looking to accelerate deploying an “interoperable Industrial edge platform into its manufacturing infrastructures,” relying on the OPC UA framework.

VIDEO Interview: Alexander Slade, 21yo CEO of A Corp shares IT success secrets

Having started his IT company at 12, Alexander Slade is now 21 years young, studying at Uni while running a very successful SMB IT specialist as chief executive, with big aspirations for the future.

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