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Renewables to power major iron mine

21 October 2019 in Energy

An iron ore mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region will be Australia’s first major iron ore mining operation to be…

ACCC warns consumers at risk from ‘recalled’ products still in circulation

21 October 2019 in Technology Regulation

Australians could be at risk of injuries or even death from 6.6 million individual products currently under voluntary recall, with…

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd passes away, age 62

21 October 2019 in Enterprise Staff

Hurd was co-CEO of the global enterprise software company, and the announced successor to Larry Ellison, 75. Hurd's passing follows…

Kik gets new owners, ads

19 October 2019 in Apps

Embattled social media platform, Kik, has found reprieve with a new owner announced in a post on Kik.com. 

Hackathon generates leads on missing persons cases

18 October 2019 in Strategy

Participants in a national Missing Persons Hackathon have generated 3,912 leads for 12 national missing person cases for Australian police.

Home phones on the way out, mobiles in ascendancy: survey

18 October 2019 in Telecoms & NBN

Landlines may become extinct earlier than expected according to comparison website Finder which says that a recent survey of several…

Commbank says online services slowly returning to normal

18 October 2019 in Application Performance

Online banking services at the Commonwealth Bank, which were hit by an outage on Thursday, are returning to normal, the…

Top strategic priorities for 2020

17 October 2019 in CIO Trends

Australia’s global ranking in digital competiveness is slipping. To turn this around, local organisations need to be innovative, people-focused and…

Official Spotify app arrives on Telstra TV

17 October 2019 in Entertainment

Telstra has launched the official Spotify app on Telstra TV, expanding the range of audio content available on our very…

PainChek, Ward MM roll out pain monitoring device in residential aged care

17 October 2019 in Health

Listed Australian healthcare company PainChek is partnering with medication management services provider Ward Medication Management to deliver the national roll-out…

ERM Power improves efficiency, productivity with Rubrik deployment

17 October 2019 in Energy

Energy retailer ERM Power has boosted efficiency and productivity with the deployment of technology from cloud data management vendor Rubrik.

IQOS – is this the revolution cigarette consumption needs?

17 October 2019 in Health

The IQOS cigarette system is a major departure from "smoking" as it heats rather than burns the tobacco.

Retail, healthcare lead the way in IoT adoption: survey

17 October 2019 in Internet of Things

The retail and healthcare sectors are the two business and industry sectors leading Internet of Things (IoT) adoption around the…

Windows ransomware a major problem for SMBs globally: survey

17 October 2019 in Security

Windows ransomware has become a major problem for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), a survey by Datto, a company that…

5G implementation 'faster than expected', says Huawei

16 October 2019 in Telecoms & NBN

Leading European telcos have used Huawei’s Mobile Broadband Forum in Zürich to outline their 5G plans for the next five…

Boomi, Fujitsu form new alliance to boost Australia, NZ market pitch

16 October 2019 in Market

Cloud integration and workflow automation vendor Boomi has formed an alliance with Fujitsu Australia to provide Australian and New Zealand…

CompTIA launches program to teach students technology fundamentals

16 October 2019 in Education

Tech industry trade association CompTIA says it is expanding its commitment to the Australia New Zealand region with the launch…

Telstra, Optus go head-to-head on Google Pixel 4 smartphone sell

16 October 2019 in Business Telecommunications

Rival telcos Telstra and Optus have both launched their mobile plan offerings for the new Google Pixel 4 smartphones, each…

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Macquarie Uni offers SAS certification with online global MBA

21 October 2019 in Education

Macquarie University business school is partnering with analytics provider SAS to offer SAS Certification as part of its online global…

Dragos chief dismisses claims of cyber links to Iran oil fire

21 October 2019 in Security

The head of the cyber security firm Dragos has played down reports of a cyber attack being behind a fire…

OPPO releases two more budget models into Australian market

21 October 2019 in Mobility

Chinese smartphone vendor OPPO has released two more models into the Australian market, both aimed at the price-conscious buyer, and…

SAS opens ANZ customer intelligence data centre, brings analytics to marketing spend

20 October 2019 in Data

Global analytics software provider, SAS, has been in campaign management and customer experience for over 15 years. It has now…

AlphaBeta report shows NBN Co is fast approaching peak BS

19 October 2019 in Open Sauce

The NBN Co's latest attempt to put lipstick on a pig — the animal in this case being the network…

Samsung's S9 and S9+ Galaxy smartphones now 'protected-level' ASD certified

18 October 2019 in Security

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has certified Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones in Australia with "protected-level" status, this meeting…

Despite US tactics, Huawei says 3Q revenue rose by 24%

18 October 2019 in Telecoms & NBN

Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies has witnessed a rise of 24.4% in revenue for the third quarter of the…

Flinders to sign MoU with electric vehicle company for local manufacture

18 October 2019 in Automotive

Flinders University and the ACE Electric Vehicle Group will sign a research agreement on Friday to collaborate on the development…

Anti-cancer drug wins scientists PM's innovation award

18 October 2019 in Science

Four scientists from the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research have won the Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation,…

Splunk investing big in data startups with new Splunk Ventures

18 October 2019 in Data

Machine data aggregator and analytics software company Splunk has announced a $US150m fund to invest in data startups.

30iGala: 2 weeks to go and event oversubscribed - waitlisting now available, plus Aidan Tudehope interview

17 October 2019 in Development

As Peter Coroneos releases the next in a series of video interviews leading up the the big event, with Peter…

FULL LAUNCH VIDEO: Realme, Australia's newest smartphone brand challenges with great features at amazing prices

17 October 2019 in Home Tech

With 120 smartphone brands globally, you need to really stand out to make an impression, and with realme only 17…

CommBank online banking services hit by outage

17 October 2019 in Application Performance

Online banking services at the Commonwealth Bank have come a-cropper, with the bank saying it is "working urgently to restore…

Roots’ RZTO cooling technology increases cannabis yield in high-tech greenhouse by up to 118%

17 October 2019 in Listed Tech

SPONSORED NEWS: Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited (ASX: ROO) has increased the yield of dry cannabis flowers by up to…

ANZ workers tend to trust robots more than their managers: claim

17 October 2019 in Business Intelligence

More than half of the Australians and New Zealanders who participated in a survey about artificial intelligence have indicated they…

Online jobs ads fell again in Sept, but less than in August

17 October 2019 in Recruitment

Online job advertisements listed by SEEK fell by 7.4% year-on-year in September, the company says, adding that this represented a…

Britain drops age-verification plan for online porn

17 October 2019 in Entertainment

Three months after it was supposed to come into effect, the British Government has dropped its plans for an age-verification…

Broadband forum calls for standards

16 October 2019 in Telecoms & NBN

5G standards have been introduced, but not fully implemented. Each vendor knows its take on the subject, but the real…

Govt makes 2FA compulsory for porting mobile numbers between providers

16 October 2019 in Security

The government has made the use of two-factor authentication compulsory when porting mobile numbers from one provider to another, in…

Nanomesh drug delivery may help in fight against antibiotic resistance

16 October 2019 in Health

Scientists have found a way of fabricating nanomesh so that it can be used as a drug delivery system for…

MacGibbon, Paitaridis to head new cyber security firm

16 October 2019 in Security

Private equity firm BGH Capital has pumped a sizeable amount into the formation of a cyber security firm CyberCX, which…


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Friday, 07 June 2019 16:04

I designed the Death Star

Colie Wertz at Computex 2019 Colie Wertz at Computex 2019

… or at least part of it – the trench, as used in Rogue One. This is the opening gambit from Colie Wertz who is both a 3D modelmaker and a concept artist who has worked on some massive movies over the past decades. Other highlights include contributing the internals of IronMan’s suit for Avengers: Civil War plus part of the main space ship from Galaxy Quest.

1 msi death star

I made this. It's the Death Star Trench from Rogue One.

The reason we’re listening to him is because he’s giving a talk and demonstration on how 3D model making can now be created in VR, how the models made are so accurate in terms of scale that they can act as plans for set builders, how the process is so quick and simple that the models can also be dropped into concept art (and easily modified) plus how all of this can be done on an ultra-portable laptop(!) – in this case an MSI P65 Creators Edition which is essentially a tweaked gaming laptop.

Colie says that simply by plugging in an Oculus Rift system with Touch controllers, plus a Wacom tablet the laptop can power everything. If he adds the elaborate WACOM Cintiq 22HD to the mix he’d need to add a powered USB hub to the mix, but ultimately that's all.

He gave insights into the job and then gave a full live demonstration of the workflow.

2 msi pipeline

3 msi concept art

First he took a picture from MSI’s company office windows using an iPhone. He said that if he required a fully-rendered 3D background he’d use Maya but, for now, simply importing the picture to Photoshop and painting over it (to make it look a bit more futuristic) was all that would be needed for concept art.

5 msi office view with paintover

Next up was adding a spaceship to the mix. Typically he’d be given a broad description of what the ship would look like but, more importantly, what the dimensions of the internal rooms would be so they could match with interior shots and sets.

4 msi ship bays

He was told the ship needed to have a cockpit, bunk room and engine bay before being given the size specifications for each room. This gave him a scale for a 3D environment so he set about building the ship from scratch using VR and Gravity Sketch. It took him less than five minutes. He pointed out that the Oculus Touch controllers were handy in that they didn’t require him to flail around much so the risk of crashing into walls and the like was minimised.

6 msi gravity sketch

Gravity Sketch VR design.

7 msi spaceship vr

Waving his hands around like Tom Cruise in Minority Report... to build a spaceship from scratch.

After saving the 'sketch' he exported it as a widely-compatible OBJ file and imported it into Keyshot 8 which offers many textures and lighting options. He matched the light source to the MSI office picture and chose an anodised metal colour for paint. He then rendered the image using Keyshot which took about a minute using intensive CPU processing – it used to take 30 minutes according to Colie. He remarked that other renderers can make use of the GPU.

8 msi spaceship obj

Save as an OBJ file.

9 msi keyshot 9

Import into Keyshot 8.

The spaceship was then imported into Photoshop and the blacks on the spaceship were matched to the blacks at the similar depth-level to the picture – which stopped it from standing out as an obvious ‘shop job.

10 msi import

After rendering in Keyshot the resulting file is imported to Photoshop.

11 msi imported

After importing, it was important to use Photoshop's Levels tool to match the blacks of the ship with the blacks at the corresponding depth of the background.

He then clipped the tail so that it appeared behind the building before giving it a final paint-over that included some heat-haze around the engines, panels on the ship’s body and some highlights.

12 msi final

The final concept art which uses a ship that's to made to scale and so subsequently can be used as plans for set building.

The result looks extraordinary considering the time it took to create them. Years of practice made everything look easy but the fact remains that what would have taken experts a very long time (potentially using very expensive equipment) was now available to all, at consumer pricepoints and is easier to create than ever.


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