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VIDEOS: UPRIGHT GO has your back – literally


If you suffer from poor posture, then a little tingle may be all you need to vibrate your back back to vibrant health, ensuring you're an upright and upstanding citizen.

If poor posture gets your back up, it turns out there's something you can do about it to help your back get back to normal.

Called the Upright Go, it's a posture wearable that reminds you to "have correct posture by gently vibrating on your back whenever it senses that you are not sitting, standing or walking upright".

Perhaps if the still evolving caveman had one of these, he (and/or she) might well have evolved to walk upright that much faster, but hey, we needed the backing of various industrial and technological revolutions to get between those prehistoric times and today's modern world first.

Now we're here, and yet modern man and woman can find themselves slouched over while sitting in the workplace, doing untold damage to our productivity, posture, confidence, health and more

After all, we don't need to be medical professionals to know that having proper posture while sitting in the workplace is essential for being productive, feeling awake, and avoiding unnecessary lower back discomfort.

Now, lest you think this is just some kind of fad, Upright Go has been around since 2017, and with 2019 just three or so weeks away, it's clear that the trend toward wellness has never been stronger, while ever more wellness gadgets are available to help improve our lives.

Fitness wearables are more popular than ever, and with this one doing something quite different to the plethora of step counters and smart health watches, Upright Go may well be the back up you need to restore yourself to better health, so why not give it a try?

The Upright Go people are sending me one to try for myself, so I'll be interested in giving it a go myself to see how well it works, but judging by the positive reviews out there, Upright Go looks like it deserves backing by buying it so you can give back to your back.

So, how does it work, and what does it cost?

Well, Upright Go makes the following promises:

  • Easily fix your posture by strengthening your core muscles and raising awareness
  • Free your back and look taller
  • Look slimmer, taller and more confident
  • When you stand upright, you will look and feel more confident, you will appear leaner and feel better
  • Vibrates when you slouch
  • Results in just 15 minutes a day – 15 sessions
  • Personalised training program and real-time posture feedback via the mobile app
  • Winner of "Health and Wellbeing Tech of the Year 2017"
  • Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors 
  • Inc Magazine made a video earlier this year which I've embedded at the end of this article, with its conclusion being that "it works!".
  • 93% of Upright users improve their posture by 80% in less than two weeks

The company is currently running a Christmas special in Australia – the usual RRP is A$119.95 but until 20 December, it is available for A$99.95

It works with iOS and Android devices, having an app in the App Store and Google Play

Here's the company's official video, with Inc Magazine's video thereafter.

Here's the review from Inc Magazine:


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