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VIDEO: Belkin's Boost Up Power Bank delivers portable power for Apple Watch


Designed specifically for Apple Watch Series 1 through 4, Belkin's 2200 mAh, MFi-certified portable wireless charger delivers up to 63 hours of additional battery life.

If you own an Apple Watch, you know that, unlike simpler smart fitness watches, its battery life is measured in hours and not days, with the hours dependent on what you're using your Apple Watch for - which is why the Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch is of great interest. 

Fitbits last for around a week, depending on the model, while the Huawei GT smart watch lasted for around 10 days before needed a charge in my testing, with the second generation GT smart watch promising two weeks of battery life.

Of course, fitness smart watches and Huawei's GT smart watch don't have the breadth and depth of apps, cellular connectivity and capabilities that Apple Watch has, and while they do what they promise to do, and can truly deliver many days of battery life - they're not Apple Watches.

Indeed, just as Apple states about iPhone where it advertises that if it isn't an iPhone, it isn't an iPhone, so too can you say the exact same thing about Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is the world's most popular smartwatch for a reason – with its Series 4 offering gloriously large screens, cellular connectivity , full Siri support with spoken answers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an ever growing app library and so much more - so the fact its battery does not last anywhere near as long as competing simpler watches is no surprise.

Now, it is possible to stretch the life of Apple Watch to a couple of days, if you follow some of the advice of AppleInsider's article, but if you want to use all of the features of your Apple Watch whenever you want in everyday scenarios, then few if any of the battery saving tips will be useful – but it's good to know they're there.

Thus, with most of us wanting the full power of our devices at our disposal, the attraction of a wireless power bank specifically made for Apple Watch is attractive, especially when it is ultra portable and pocketable.

It's interesting to note that while there are third party wireless chargers out there, one of which I purchased earlier this year during a trip to Hong Kong, I soon discovered that these generally aren't MFi certified - and the one I purchased would only charge for a few minutes before giving up and stopping the charge.

I've also noticed that when using a USB power bank with an official Apple Watch charging cable, that for some reason with my Apple Watch Series 4, charging only seems to go for a few minutes before stopping, and that I've needed to plug the Apple Watch charger cable into a wall socket to charge properly - unless the power bank was also charging some other device for a long time.

This wasn't the case with Series 0, 1, 2 or 3, so not sure what's happening there, but as I've got more than one official Apple Watch charging cable and usually charge at home or somewhere a power point is available, this clearly hasn't been a huge issue for me.

So, I was keen to see whether this would be the case with Belkin's MFi certified Apple Watch charger, and thus far, it is charging properly, without dropping the charging after a few minutes, and this is great to see!

I also tried this on the morning of day two, when my Apple Watch had dropped to less than 50%, and I left the Apple Watch on the charger. When I came back later, it was at 99% charged, which is exactly what I wanted to see - so, it works, which makes me very happy.

Here's my unboxing video of the BOOST↑UP Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch, which also includes the unboxing of the Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector, which I will be writing a separate article about.

Unboxings: Belkin's BOOST↑UP Apple Watch Power Bank 2K and Power Bank 10K with Lightning Connector

So, what does Belkin say about its "BOOST↑UP Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch", retailing for A$99.99, available now at Belkin's site and at "leading retailers" such as JB Hi-Fi soon?

Note - it's not at JB yet but here's where you'll find all of Belkin's Apple Watch products at JB Hi-Fi

Well, we're told that it is "a compact, portable power bank designed exclusively for Apple Watch.

"With the power to add up to 63 hours of battery life, you can stay charged for days without needing to bring a wall charger.

"Perfect for travel and on-the-go, this Apple Watch power bank allows you to have uninterrupted use of all the benefits of your Apple Watch, from tracking your fitness goals, using Apple Pay, receiving notifications from anywhere and more.

"This device is MFi Certified, meaning that it has been designed specifically for the Apple Watch and meets Apple performance standards."

Key features and benefits:

  • Add up to 63 hours of battery life with a 2200mAh battery. Belkin notes this is a maximum figure, and that the "additional battery hours calculated by comparing the mAh capacity of this power bank with the max. Battery hours achievable by the Apple Watch 1, 2, and 3. Actual additional hours provided may vary based on factors that are different for every user".
  • LED indicators show battery life of power bank
  • 6” micro-USB cable included
  • MFi Certification (Made For Apple Watch)
  • Supports nightstand mode to allow use of alarm feature
  • $2500 Connected Equipment Warranty – Details are that "the BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch is protected by a Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty. If your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger, Belkin will repair or replace it up to a value of $2,500. More details here". 
  • Height: 17.25mm / 0.68in
  • Width: 41.94mm / 1.65in
  • Length: 79mm / 3.11in
  • Weight: 70g / 2.47oz


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