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VIDEO: A lawyer in your pocket - there’s an app for that! Featured


Sydney Criminal Lawyers have launched its NSW Pocket Lawyer app for iPhone and iPad, so if you have a foolish lark, just consult your pocket shark.

I am not a lawyer, but the legal eagles at Sydney Criminal Lawyers most certainly are.

Seeing a gap in the market that could fit a fin, the company decided to go all-in with an iOS app to help people ‘get answers to simple legal questions without having to see a lawyer’, noting that lawyers ‘are not known for helping people free of charge’.

So, to stand out from the crowd, and saying it wants to ‘go the extra mile to help people understand the law and help themselves in a range of situations without having to pay for a lawyer’, the NSW Pocket Lawyer app was born.

Clearly the city-based law firm, which says it practices ‘almost exclusive in criminal law’ also sees an opportunity to have people thinking of it should they need more extensive legal help, thus making it a clever way to get some promotion so as to reel in the big bucks later - should more drastic legal assistance be required.

The company says that it already ‘uses social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ to engage with their clients and the wider community, answer questions and discuss legal issues.’

However, given the fact apps are a happening thing these days, being innovative technology and all that, the company decided it wanted to ‘make the law engaging and accessible to all’, so its app takes things ‘one step further by bringing a whole host of legal information into a handy and easy-to-use app for iPhone and iPad called the 'NSW Pocket Lawyer app’, calling it ‘a one-stop-shop for information about criminal and traffic laws in NSW.’

You can download the NSW Pocket Lawyer app free from the App Store, with the promise of ‘a wealth of information about the law, legal process and an individual's rights - all handily accessible on iPhone and iPad.’

Here’s the company’s video on the app - story continues below.

The app already contains over 500 blog posts in a user-friendly format providing quick and easy information about:

- Individual's rights when approached by police,
- What to do if arrested and charged,
- How to get out of custody on bail,
- How to prepare a self-defence for court,
- How to get cases dropped without having to hire a lawyer, and
- The laws, procedures and penalties for wide range criminal and traffic offences.

Even better, the law firm makes the astounding claim that the app is ‘all in plain English’ - a language we didn’t know lawyers were versed in, but apparently, they are!

It’s not just a bunch of stuff copied from Wikipedia or some dude’s site, but content that the company says ‘has been uniquely prepared by Sydney Criminal Lawyers' experienced team of lawyers, ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date and helpful information.’

You don’t just get blog posts but also more than ‘100 short videos about a range of legal topics which bring valuable knowledge about the law and legal rights to everyone's fingertips, all free of charge.’

Other information in the app includes:

- Learn defences to criminal and traffic charges
- Find out how to get your case dropped or thrown out of court
- Discover how to avoid a criminal record even if you wish to plead guilty
- Protect your licence with tips on how to beat traffic infringements
- Save money by learning how to represent yourself in court
- See how to appeal against a wide range of cases

Know your rights when approached by police:
- When can police search me, my car or my home?
- Do I have a right to silence?
- Do I have to give any information when approached by police?
- Do I have to participate in a police interview?
- How can I get my case thrown out due to an illegal search?
- How can I sue police for wrongful arrest?
- How can I force police to pay my legal costs?
- How can I make a complaint against police?

Learn the defences, penalties and official sentencing statistics for a wide range of cases:
- Drug Cases
- Assaults & AVOs
- Drink Driving, Driving Whilst Suspended/Disqualified & Traffic Offences
- Sex Offences
- Fraud & Theft
- Robbery & Break and Enter
- Firearms, Kidnapping & Murder Cases

Naturally, Sydney Criminal Lawyers says that you can contact it for more information about the app, or for ‘a free conference with an experienced lawyer’ should the need arise, and after which the fees will presumably start clocking up.

Hopefully it’s an app you’ll never need to use, but in the event that you do, there really is an app for that.


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