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ShopWings helps ‘local’ retailers offer ‘instant delivery’ at in-store prices


Local retailers (in Sydney, and Melbourne to come), some of whom have no online presence, have joined major retailers are now offering ‘instant delivery’ within 1 hour via Shopwings.

ShopWings is Australia’s first ‘instant delivery’ online supermarket, which iTWire wrote about back in January this year - promising, at the time, 2 hour home delivery.

After nearly a year in business, ShopWings has now launched its first wave of partnerships with local retailers in Sydney (with Melbourne local retailers being added in the coming weeks). On top of being able to shop at ALDI, IGA, Harris Farm or Coles, its customers will also be able to choose from a selection of local, family-owned businesses.

With these new partnerships, ShopWings says ‘customers will be able to have the convenience of ‘instant delivery’ (within 1 hour and with a 1-hour delivery window) as well as the same prices they would find in-store.’

To date, ShopWings has partnered with over 20 local retailers including Banana Joe’s Foodworks, Maloneys Grocer, Lucas Meats, The One That Got Away and Kent Street Cellars.

Manutea Dupont, co-founder and MD of ShopWings said: “We are extremely proud to help local, family-owned businesses go online - sometimes for the first time.

“Through partnering with ShopWings, local businesses can now increase their customer reach and within a few days, they have a turnkey option to be online with no investment from their end. It’s great to also help great local businesses grow and focus on being great retailers while we focus on offering their customers all that online has to offer "

Lecha Khouri, Owner of Banana Joes said: “While Banana Joe’s already has online shopping available, this partnership with ShopWings has allowed us to tap into the new ‘instant delivery’ market.

“It’s a new delivery option that we are very happy to be able to offer customers. Our online footprint has seen notable changes already and all with no investment from our end.”

Saying it ‘understanding shopper’s needs, ShopWings is now also offering multi-store checkouts, meaning customers can place an order from several outlets in one order.’

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ShopWings MD Dupont continued: “Buying from a local grocer, you can get amazing quality at very competitive prices but you don't get all the essentials that everybody needs e.g. milk, paper towels, nappies etc.

“We are the only online shop allowing you to now purchase at the same time from both a large supermarket and a local grocer or from 2 supermarkets like ALDI and Coles. This feature is extremely popular and already represents more than one third of our orders, we are just helping people do online what they do everyday offline”

After recently launching its app on both Android and iOS and being the first app that offers Aldi groceries to be home delivered, ShopWings has now added the new list of local retailers, further supporting local businesses.

“Convenience is key to be successful in online groceries. With our app, we are now the most convenient way to shop with speed plus there is the added bonus of having personal contact with a shopper,” continued Dupont.

“Currently, more than 90% of our orders are placed and delivered on the same day. We think that this number will increase further with the new additions to the app. Consumers can now do their entire grocery shop in minutes with a few simple taps of their smartphone or clicks of a mouse. From the time they send off their order from their smartphone or computer, a ShopWings shopper will be at their door in one hour; it’s an unbeatable service for those who don’t have time to shop.”

ShopWings says it uses ‘personal shoppers who physically enter the grocery store of choice on your behalf, rather than using an automated service. Not only do they shop for you, they also get in contact with you if an item isn’t available to walk through what other options are available. Other services will simply not replace the item and charge nothing in return, which can be frustrating if it’s a crucial ingredient for dinner.’

ShopWings was also a finalist for “Best New Online retailer” in 2015, being recognised for redefining how e-commerce is being done.

ShopWings says ‘Customers enjoy an unmatched level of convenience with deliveries in as little as 1 hour and more precise 1-hour delivery windows. Based in Sydney and launched in February, ShopWings is now available in Sydney and expanded to Melbourne in July 2015. ShopWings app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.’


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