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Go ogle Pixel and Nexus winning 'Mobile Phone Handset of the month' award for the first time


Google's phones have finally beaten Apple's 79 straight monthly victories since January 2012 to win the "Mobile Phone Handset of the month" in Roy Morgan's customer satisfaction monthly award.

Google has won the "Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction Monthly Award" for the first time in August with its Pixel and Nexus phones, achieving what Roy Morgan says is "an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 94% just ahead of long-time favourite Apple iPhone on 92%".

It's Google's first victory in the category "after launching the Google Pixel five years ago in 2013 and the Google Nexus over eight years ago in 2010".

We're told that "Google increased customer satisfaction for its phones by an impressive 6% to 94% over the last year, while customer satisfaction for Apple iPhone was virtually unchanged down 1% to 92% and is now level with the other big improver over the past year Motorola up by 8% to 92%".

"Samsung is fourth in August with a customer satisfaction rating of 89% unchanged on a year ago whilst Sony fills out the top five on 83%, up 2% from a year ago. Mobile phone handsets measured which didn’t make the top five in August include Huawei, HTC, Nokia, LG, Telstra, Blackberry, Oppo and others."

Here's Roy Morgan's "Top 5 for Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction August 2018 vs August 2017" chart:


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, September 2016 – August 2017, n = 13,310. September 2017 – August 2018. n=13,497. Base: Australians aged 14+ with a mobile phone handset.

Google on top for satisfaction, but Apple iPhone and Samsung dominate handset market

Roy Morgan notes that while Google has "broken through for a victory in the monthly Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction, Apple iPhone and Samsung phones continue to dominate the overall mobile handset market in Australia with over two-thirds of Australians owning Apple iPhones and/or Samsung phones".

"There are key differences between the two market leaders in terms of their customer bases. Apple iPhones have their strongest penetration amongst younger generations. Over 40% pf Generation X, Millennials and Generation Y users have an Apple iPhone compared to under a third of baby boomers and around a fifth of pre-boomers born before 1946.

"In contrast, Samsung’s customers tend to be older. Over 30% of Baby Boomers and Generation X have a Samsung phone compared to less than 30% of Millennials and only around a fifth of Generation Z.

"Although Google’s overall customer numbers are far lower than the two market-leaders it is millennials who are the most likely generation to have a Google phone. Over 40% of Google phones in Australia are owned by millennials."

Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine says: “Google has broken through for its first monthly victory in the Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satsifaction monthly award with a customer satisfaction of 94% in August for its Pixel/Nexus phones, up 6% on a year ago, and now just ahead of Apple iPhone and Motorola both on 92%.

“Google’s victory in August brings to an end a string of victories for the Apple iPhone over the last seven years with Apple still best placed to take out an eighth Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction Annual Award for 2018.

“Although satisfaction with Google phones is now higher than all other brands, the market penetration of the phones is small compared to market leaders Apple iPhone and Samsung. Over 13 million Australians now own an Apple iPhone, Samsung phone – or both, which is equivalent to over two-thirds of Australia’s adult population.

“Apple iPhones are the most popular mobile phones for younger Australians with over 40% of Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z owning an Apple iPhone. In contrast Samsung’s largest markets are Australians aged 35-64. Over 2.9 million Australians in this age group own a Samsung.

“Google phones, including the Pixel, first released in 2013, and the Nexus, released in 2010, remain something of a niche product in Australia. Adoption of Google phones is highest amongst Millennials and in the States of New South Wales and South Australia but is well below the market leaders.

“This month’s impressive customer satisfaction result for Google phones highlights that there are well-regarded alternatives to the two market leaders for consumers willing to look beyond the well-known mobile handset brands.”

Roy Morgan also offers a "Customer Satisfaction – Mobile Phone Handsets Report", priced at a relevant A$9800 for relevant parties.


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